Keep it Cozy Draft Stopper

If you live in a drafty, old house like I do, you may be looking for an easy and inexpensive fix for your drafty doorways and windows.  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  This tutorial will show you how to make functional and fashionable draft stoppers.  We’ve used a polyurethane-laminated cotton print for the main fabric, so it’s easy to just wipe it clean if it gets dirty.  You may want to use up some left-over fabric from a home-décor project or maybe something from your stash of craft fabrics.

Holiday Wine Bag DIY, the perfect gift

It’s the holiday season and that means holiday parties! Wine, champagne for New Years, birthdays and anything else you can think of deserve a beautiful package. This wonderful tutorial shows you how to make an elegant bag for any bottle so you can gift it, and the recipient can keep on gifting! Follow along with us as we lay out the simple steps in creating a beautiful puffed collar wine bag. 
Supplies needed:
1) For the bag, cut one piece 13" x 22" (33cmx56cm) 

The Perfect Christmas Stockings

We all know the tradition of hanging your stockings by the fire and getting some wonderful gifts from Santa or your Parents. It’s a family tradition and I know I still celebrate this way with my parents as a wonderful little ‘extra’ gift exchange. It’s fun, and it adds festivity to any room! Well, why not learn how to make your own customizable stocking to either decorate or be the perfect wrapping to some fun little gifts. 
Tools & Materials:

DIY Christmas Gnomes!

We are gearing up for Christmas, and what’s a better project than a Christmas Gnome! We love the new trend of Christmas Gnomes as Seasonal Scene displays in houses, offices, storefronts and more. I personally adore the little critters because they can be customized so easily, and they’re perfect to make with a beginner sewist. We put together this super easy tutorial for beginners on how to create your own Christmas Gnome.
Tools & Materials: 

Make 2 Pillows for a Phone or Tablet!

Do you ever want to play a game or watch video content on your phone or tablet, but your hands start to cramp up from holding your device?  You may want to consider making yourself a convenient pillow to hold your phone or tablet.  The fabric requirements allow enough fabric to make two pillows, so pick a fun print and follow along!

D.I.Y. Novelty Pillow Case

The pillow case:  It’s something that most of us use every day (or at least every night!)  This pillow case is a great beginner project because there are no curves to stitch and no serger required.  It also makes a great gift.  We have made our pillow case with a very sweet winter theme, but you can customize the theme of your pillow case for its intended recipient:  cupcakes, butterflies, honeybees, sports, motorcycles, teddy bears, Eiffel towers, star, unicorns!  With all of these amazing possibilities, we’d better start sewing!

DIY: Halloween Deco Bulbs

I simply love homemade Halloween decorations! Everything Halloween brings me so much joy and knowing something was homemade just makes it all the more enjoyable to me. Putting perishable decor aside, we put together this easy Halloween Decoration DIY that anyone can follow. These simple steps lead to a versatile decor project; we made Bats Flying across a moon and a skull but these could easily be turned into pumpkins, candy apples, classic monsters and anything else you can think of with the right coloured yarn!
Let’s get crafting!

DIY Produce Bags

This super easy Produce Bag tutorial is great for beginner sewists and those eco-friendly folks looking to help reduce plastic waste. Produce Bags are great for carrying and washing your fruits and veggies. I know I hate to use a small, one-time plastic bag to just pick up some apples from the produce section, and this way I can gather everything I need, weigh it and not worry about hurting the environment. 

DIY: Drink Cozy

Whether you like your drinks hot or cold, you probably want them to stay that way.  Follow along this step-by-step D.I.Y. to make a super-cute, customizable, insulating drink cozy.  While, you’re at it, make a couple of extras for your friends!
Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY: Eco-Minded Grocery Tote with reused plastic pouch!

In our stores, we see more and more people carrying re-useable cloth bags to take home their shopping.  This is a great way to keep plastics out of the landfill.  With this in mind, we thought we would offer this fun D.I.Y. tutorial to make your own custom shopping tote.  The method is fairly simple and makes a roomy, durable bag.  We have also included instructions for creating an optional pocket made from plastic packaging that you may already have at home.  The pocket is a great place to store coupons or your shopping list! 

DIY Phone and Charger Holder

Traveling? Or just needing somewhere to put your phone when it’s charging? Well, here is an amazingly simple DIY that will always allow you to find your charger easily and so you’ll never have to put your phone on the ground again! This pocket holder will hold your phone, and use your charger as the “hook” to keep it off the ground. Plus it doubles as a charger pouch for when you're traveling.