Plague Doctor Mask - Pattern and Sewing Instructions

This mask is inspired by leather masks worn by doctors during the Bubonic Plague.  We have provided instructions on how to create the pattern using a contour face mask as a template.  You can find many free versions of these patterns online.  We will also show how to cut out and sew your mask including applying large grommets for ventilation and applying convenient hammered-on snaps to secure the straps.  
Here's what you'll need:
     Several sheets of minimum Ledger sized paper (11" x 17")

Fabricana's New Logo!

We're excited to share our new logo with you! We're thrilled to be sharing 50 years of business with you and even more excited to be launching into our next 50 years of business!



As elastic runs short in many fabric stores and online it's a great skill to learn how to make a bias tape face mask. This tutorial is for an Adult sized face mask, but once you make the mask it isn't too hard to see how to measure it on your own to create a smaller mask for a child. This tutorial will also show you how to make your own bias tape if you're unable to purchase any pre-ironed bias tape. Follow along for our easy and informative tutorial! 

Infinity Hairband DIY

Don’t forget your green! This super easy tutorial is a perfect accessory for any look. You can use dozens of colours, prints and mix fabric types so you can get that perfect look with ease. Great as a first project for kids and perfect for exercising or accessorizing! We made our hairband to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but any colour would be great. 
Tools and Materials 
1) ⅛ yard of Stretch Fabric
2) ⅛ yard of Feature Fabric (any material type. We used cotton) 

Travel Neck Pillow: Flat storage, machine-washable, unique!

Do you have a trip coming up, but you don’t want to have to wander through the airport, train, or bus station carrying a cumbersome travel neck pillow?  Why not get an inflatable pillow and make a cozy, washable cover.  Follow along this detailed, step-by-step tutorial to find out how you can do it yourself and have a fun “I made it!” moment.

Be Mine Dog Bandanna: DIY

I don’t know about you, but I love dressing my dog up for each season! She’ll tolerate a sweater here and there, but my first priority is to make sure she is comfortable. So a perfect middle ground for us is Bandannas! It adds a fun flare for your pooch, and they’re super easy to make. This Bandanna will fit on any dog collar for easy application (since my dog loves to chew the ties of a bandanna, why not eliminate the ties all together?) This fun tutorial can be used for cats too!
Tools and Materials:

Charmingly Easy Fabric Covered Box D.I.Y.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE storage. I love putting all my things together in neat little rows and having it look nice and organized. However, I’ve struggled in the past to find a box that both looks nice, and fits my shelves properly.
This D.I.Y. will go over how you can make ANY box beautiful. This is great for storage, or gift giving. I want to waste as little as possible, so if I can create a box that can be used time, and time again for gift giving, all the better. This is a fast and easy project-- and actually doesn't involve sewing! 

Keep it Cozy Draft Stopper

If you live in a drafty, old house like I do, you may be looking for an easy and inexpensive fix for your drafty doorways and windows.  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  This tutorial will show you how to make functional and fashionable draft stoppers.  We’ve used a polyurethane-laminated cotton print for the main fabric, so it’s easy to just wipe it clean if it gets dirty.  You may want to use up some left-over fabric from a home-décor project or maybe something from your stash of craft fabrics.

Holiday Wine Bag DIY, the perfect gift

It’s the holiday season and that means holiday parties! Wine, champagne for New Years, birthdays and anything else you can think of deserve a beautiful package. This wonderful tutorial shows you how to make an elegant bag for any bottle so you can gift it, and the recipient can keep on gifting! Follow along with us as we lay out the simple steps in creating a beautiful puffed collar wine bag. 
Supplies needed:
1) For the bag, cut one piece 13" x 22" (33cmx56cm) 

The Perfect Christmas Stockings

We all know the tradition of hanging your stockings by the fire and getting some wonderful gifts from Santa or your Parents. It’s a family tradition and I know I still celebrate this way with my parents as a wonderful little ‘extra’ gift exchange. It’s fun, and it adds festivity to any room! Well, why not learn how to make your own customizable stocking to either decorate or be the perfect wrapping to some fun little gifts. 
Tools & Materials:

DIY Christmas Gnomes!

We are gearing up for Christmas, and what’s a better project than a Christmas Gnome! We love the new trend of Christmas Gnomes as Seasonal Scene displays in houses, offices, storefronts and more. I personally adore the little critters because they can be customized so easily, and they’re perfect to make with a beginner sewist. We put together this super easy tutorial for beginners on how to create your own Christmas Gnome.
Tools & Materials: