DIY: Eco-Minded Grocery Tote with reused plastic pouch!

In our stores, we see more and more people carrying re-useable cloth bags to take home their shopping.  This is a great way to keep plastics out of the landfill.  With this in mind, we thought we would offer this fun D.I.Y. tutorial to make your own custom shopping tote.  The method is fairly simple and makes a roomy, durable bag.  We have also included instructions for creating an optional pocket made from plastic packaging that you may already have at home.  The pocket is a great place to store coupons or your shopping list! 

DIY Phone and Charger Holder

Traveling? Or just needing somewhere to put your phone when it’s charging? Well, here is an amazingly simple DIY that will always allow you to find your charger easily and so you’ll never have to put your phone on the ground again! This pocket holder will hold your phone, and use your charger as the “hook” to keep it off the ground. Plus it doubles as a charger pouch for when you're traveling.


DIY Baby Bib with Pocket

Back at it again with some wonderful gifts for either your own little one, a niece, grandson or anything in between! The Bib is a staple, but we can improve on an already great design. This Bib has a pocket, and when using Fabricana’s laminated cotton fabric you don’t have to wash after every meal. Simply open the velcro pocket that’s caught all the spilled food, wipe, and reuse!
Tools & Materials:

DIY: Baby Mobile

Whether you’re an Aunt, a Brother, a Grandmother or Mother this is an easy and timeless craft to give a newborn baby. My sister recently had a baby and I thought this was a perfect DIY to work on, inspired by my little nephew.
Tools & Materials

DIY: Silk Egg Dye

DIY Silk Egg Dye with Blown Out Eggs
Here is another fun Easter project to do just in time for Easter Egg Hunting! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, this is a beautiful and easy project to do with friends and family. I also found that this is much less expensive than buying ties for their silk at thrift stores or department stores. With silk ends, cut offs, scraps or small cuts it allows for a beautiful look and an inexpensive craft. With new silks this project will cost between $3-$5 ! 

DIY: Easter Bunny Basket

Ready for Easter? Whether you are or not here is a wonderful fun project to do for yourself, or with your young one to have a blast Easter Egg Hunting this year!
This project takes about an hour to do, and is a relatively easy method. The best part? No Pattern Needed!!! You can do this project with scrap fabric or new fabric. 
Let’s get hopping!
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Easy DIY Coasters

Coasters are easy to make and a great way to use scrap fabric, or a lovely fabric you just need to have somewhere in your house. These coasters are machine washable, heat resistant and durable. They’re great gifts or a treat to yourself and only take about 10-15 minutes each to complete. For this project we used the 'Lucky Charms' fabric by Figo Fabrics. 

How to Make a Swimsuit, No Serger Required!

For this video we have chosen to use McCalls 6759. Please note that although we have used the pattern to cut our pieces, we will not be following the pattern's sewing instructions. We have also opted to exclude the underbust elastic and the optional bathing suit cups.