8 Runway Looks to Inspire for Fall 2018!

www.harpersbazaar.com highlights 8 trends for Fall 2018.  We divided these into two general trends:  The 1980’s (“Hello Shoulder Pads!”) and Modern Femininity/Luxury.  We have also included photos of in-stock fabrics to help you to adopt these trends into your fall wardrobe.
The 1980's

Velvet Trend Continues for Fall/Winter 2018

Velvet’s dramatic interplay between light and dark continues to inspire designers for the Fall/Winter 2018 season.  Traditionally a staple for evening wear, velvet can also add a hint of elegance and luxury to dressing for day.         


Oscars 2018 Inspiration

The awards season is a great time to get inspired for your special occasion event. Here are some looks from this year's Oscars that you can recreate.


Sewing Inspiration from McCall Pattern Company

This video was posted on the McCall Pattern Company Youtube channel and we have many of these fabrics (or ones that would work well for these patterns) so we thought we would share it with you.

Here are the fabrics we have in-stock that we think would work great for these patterns:


Vogue 1572


Novelty Fabric FAQ's

Q.  Do you carry licensed fabrics?
A.  The simple answer to this question is “Yes, we do!”  HOWEVER not every licensed fabric is available in Canada and not every licensing company produces fabric for purchase to the public.  
Q.  Do you have NHL fabrics?

Colour Trend Spring 2017: BLUSH

Shhhhhhh!  Blush is the colour trend that is whispering its way into our lives

The blush trend may be the lingering result of the forecast of Rose Quartz (and Serenity Blue) as the Pantone colour(s) of the year for 2016, but this shade of pink is even softer and more muted.  It’s showing up in home décor, fashion and even in our crafts.


Living in a Dream


Spring Trend Alert: The Cold Shoulder

Getting the cold shoulder can be a good thing!
It’s rare to find a trend from the red carpet that can so easily be adapted for everyday dressing.  Most of us would find it difficult to move through life in long trains, plunging necklines and opulent beading.  The “cold shoulder”, the popular name for the current shoulder-baring trend, is one trend that works for the red carpet AND everyday dressing.  It’s also available at your local fabric store!

Lumberjack Chic: More than just Buffalo Plaid

Even if you’re not a fan of a man in a plaid shirt with a bushy beard carrying an axe, you may still appreciate some of the elements of the Lumberjack Chic trend.  It’s crept into men’s and women’s fashion, home décor and made a strong impact on fashion and décor for children (who could resist the “Burly Beavers” print by Robert Kaufman featured above?)


Awards Season Trend: Sequins

Awards season 2017 has officially started! The Golden Globes just took place this past weekend and based on what many of the actresses were wearing, it’s seems that sequins will be making a lot of appearances on the red carpet this year. Here are some of our favorite outfits featuring sequins. 

Amy Adams- The Arrival star looked stunning in her black sequined Tom Ford gown.



Fall 2016 Home Décor Trends Part Two: Colour Palette

Subtle Sophistication – Blues have turned down the volume.  Where we were seeing deep teal and turquoise in recent seasons, we are now seeing dreamier smoky blues and washed denim shades.  These are paired beautifully with a shade often referred to as “birch” – an elegant shade somewhere between grey and taupe.