3 Easy to Sew Christmas Gift Ideas

Even though Christmas is over a month away, it won’t be long before it is here! This year I have made it a goal to try and make gifts for everyone on my list. I thought I would share a few of the easy-to-sew projects that I plan to make to inspire you with your Christmas project sewing!


Cuffed Pillowcases


  • .25 metres of 45” wide fabric (cuff)
  • .10 metres of 45” wide fabric (contrast)
  • .70 metres of 45” wide fabric (body of pillowcase)
  • Thread
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine


This was a project that a customer shared with us years ago and it has become a staff favorite. It’s a very easy project to make and is a great way to showcase off some beautiful and/or fun printed cottons. The size of this pillowcase is large enough to fit a wide range of pillow sizes and all the raw edges are completely enclosed without having to serge or finish any cut edges!

Tip: If your fabric has a specific pattern you would like to showcase, you may want to buy a little extra so you can “fussy cut” it

Full Project Instructions: http://fabricana.com/blog-item/simple-cuffed-pillowcase-project


Rag Quilt (Approx. Finished Size 36”x42”)


  • .60 metres each of 3 different 45” wide flannel fabrics
  • 1.7 metres of plain coloured flannel (to match your other fabrics)
  • 1.7 metres of a print or plain coloured flannel for the back of your rag quilt
  • Thread (2 small 100m spools or 1 large 250m spool)
  • Rag snips or fabric shears with sharp tips
  • Sewing machine


Here is a very beginner friendly project that looks complicated but is very easy to make. Once you have your blanket all sewn together, it takes some time to do all the clipping of the seams to give it the “rag” look so it’s a great project to get all sewn up and then work on ‘clipping’ while watching your favorite movie or TV show. The end product is a fluffy blanket that is soft and cozy.

Click here to download the project instructions.


Tablet Cover (works for Kindle or iPad)

  • Supplies: Melton Cloth- we recommend making your pattern first and then taking it with you to the store to ensure you have enough (keep in mind you should get a little extra for shrinkage and steam your piece well before cutting into it)
  • 10cm each of 4 coordinating cotton prints
  • 5cm of 1” wide Velcro (hook and loop)
  • Thread to match Melton Cloth
  • Marking Tool of Choice
  • Sewing machine


This beginner friendly project is made from durable wool Melton cloth and a combination of 4 cotton prints allowing you to cater the design to the recipient’s tastes. In this tutorial there are instructions on how to measure a device and make a pattern to fit. This project makes a great gift as its long lasting and protective!


Happy Sewing!

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