3 Great Places to Look for Project Ideas Online

Are you ever inspired to sew something but you're just not quite sure what? Here's 3 great places to look for project ideas online. 
Pinterest is a great place to look for (and save) your favorite project ideas and tutorials. Ever see a project online that you love and want to refer to later? Enter Pinterest. Pinterest is basically a visual way to bookmark things. Your bookmark (known as a ‘pin' on Pinterest) will include a picture as well as a description. You can also create categorized ‘pinboards' that help keep everything organized. This helps keep all your favorite quilt ideas on one board and separate from your favorite recipes or clothing projects. There are many ways to find project ideas without searching them. Try following other users with similar interests. When this user ‘pins' something you will see it on the feed of your main page when you sign in to your account. Also after you ‘pin' something you like, have a look at the similar suggested pins, you may find similar projects you like as well!
Company Blogs
Company blogs often have a combination of inspiration as well as information. A great example of this is the Burda Style blog. Posts on this blog include information on upcoming online seminars, new patterns from the Burda Style magazine, style inspiration and even some step-by-step tips for their patterns. Check out other areas of the Burda Style website while you are there. There's so much to explore including pictures of other people's projects, downloadable patterns and a forum for sewing advice and sharing projects.
Learning how to sew is such a visual experience and with the popularity of the internet, many people are heading to YouTube to create how-to videos, share project ideas and there are even some step-by-step videos out there that will take you from start to finish with your project. When deciding which videos to watch try to look for videos by users with a lot of followers or that have a lot of video views, those will likely be more helpful then some of the others. Find a video you really like? See if the user has others they have uploaded that interest you. Just like with Pinterest, you can follow users on YouTube. If you do this, you will be notified every time the user uploads a new video.  Some noteworthy YouTube channels that have great sewing tutorials include The Crafty Gemini and Professor Pincushion
If you are looking for an idea for your next project, head online to access the huge amount of resources available. You never know what you will find!
Happy Sewing!

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