4 Easy Knitting Projects

If you’re new to knitting, you may find the idea of making a sweater a little overwhelming and it certainly can be.  Why not perfect your new skills on smaller, quicker, easier projects?  Finishing a project will give you a great feeling of satisfaction and will help increase your confidence to move on to more time consuming or complicated projects.  Many of these can be made in a single evening. 

HINT – If you really want to fly through your projects, use chunkier yarn with fatter needles!


Scarf Option 1: The Beginner Scarf (Long and Straight)

A scarf will likely take you more than one evening, (unless you’re using a chunkier yarn!) but a long straight scarf is a good first project.  For an absolute beginner it is best to use straight needles knitting back and forth from one needle to the other.  For your first project you may want to knit the whole scarf in garter stitch, which means you are knitting all of the stitches on the front and back – NO PURLING!  One very nice advantage to the garter stitch is that your scarf won’t curl up, which can happen with stocking stitch (knitting on the front and purling on the back). 

Hint for absolute beginners:  Every few rows it’s a good idea to count the number of stitches on your needle to make sure you don’t lose or gain any stitches.

Stylish hint:  Slip the first stitch of every row purl-wise to create a beautiful edge to your scarf.

Scarf Option 2: The Intermediate (the Infinity Scarf-2 ways)

First Way:This way is better for beginners.  Take your long straight scarf and turn it into an infinity scarf by grafting the two ends together.  Grafting is a great skill to develop if you’re going to try making a sweater later!

Pictured above:  Free pattern included with Bravo Big Colour yarn

Second Way: Once you’ve mastered knitting on straight needles, you may be ready to try knitting on circular needles. HINT:  Make sure that your stitches are not twisted around the needle as you knit your first row.



The Toque

Toques are a very important fashion accessory today. They make a great gift and they can help you develop many valuable skills.  Many toques incorporate a ribbing stitch, knitting in the round, and require you to decrease stitches as you approach the top of the hat.  These are all important skills to practice and develop.  If you want to add interest to your toque, incorporate different colours to create a striped effect.  This will be good practice for changing colours!

Pictured above:  “Basic Chunky Ribbed Hat” designed by Shannon Dunbabin available for free download at  http://www.cascadeyarns.com/patterns_KnittedHats.htm 



Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves can be knit in the round or back and forth.  If you knit in the round, you can practice using double-pointed needles.  If you are going back and forth on straight needles you can practice your seam sewing skills.  Many gloves will allow you to practice knitting ribbing for the cuff.  If you are knitting a glove that has a thumb, depending on the method you are using, you will practice increasing stitches and casting off, or you will practice picking up stitches in the middle of a row.

Pictured at topic of article:  Fingerless gloves made from Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Yarn using author’s adaptation of popular free web patterns



The Dishcloth

There are many free downloadable patterns available online.  One of the most popular dishcloth patterns is made in garter stitch from corner to corner which allows you to practice increasing and decreasing stitches.  Dishcloths are generally made from absorbent 100% cotton yarn.  Make a bunch to have on hand if you need a quick and thoughtful hostess gift!

Photo courtesy of www.ramblingsmom.com

Happy Knitting!


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