4 Reasons to Wear Wool This Summer

With Summer just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about Summer fashion. Here are four reasons why you should consider incorporating (lightweight) wool pieces into your Summer wardrobe.
  1. Wool is a great thermal insulator. While wool will help you stay warm in the cooler months it also helps keep the heat out in the summertime. 
  2. Wool is wrinkle resistant. While cotton and linen clothes seem to be the go-to when the weather heats up, these fabrics can wrinkle and crease easily. 
  3. Wool absorbs moisture easily and dries quickly. So if you sweat easily you will get dry faster. 
  4. Wool is resilient- wool is fire, dirt and static resistant. This makes it possible to not have to clean your garments as often.
Tips for Selecting Warmer Weather Wool Garments:
  • Stick to lightweight wools and looser fitting styles 
  • Unlined wool garments will breathe more. If you do need to line something, make sure to use to a breathable lining. 
  • Be careful with how you clean it. It is recommended that wool fabrics be dry-cleaned but they can also be carefully hand washed in gentle detergents such as Eucalan or Woolite. Be sure to soak garments with no agitation to prevent “felting”.

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