4 Tips to Save Money on Your Quilt Project

The cost of making a quilt can add up quickly. Here are some tips on how to save money on your next quilting project

1) Piece your Batting

Have extra pieces leftover from previous quilt projects? Make sure the cut edges are straight and then you can butt the two pieces together and join them. To join them you can either use a wide zigzag stitch of use an iron on tape such as ‘Make it Simpler Interfacing’ from C&T Publishing that is made specifically for connecting pieces of batting. This is a great way to use up those odd sized pieces of leftover batting!

2) Use Sheeting or Extra-wide Fabric for the Back

If you are making a quilt that is wider than 45”, you’ll need to get as least two full lengths of fabric in order to back your quilt.  Ask at your local fabric store for sheeting, extra-wide, or quilt backing fabric. These fabrics tend to be at least 90” wide and some are even as wide as 108”. These fabrics often work out to be less as you only have to buy one length (and are less work as you don’t have to join two pieces together).

3) Raid your ‘Stash’

Often we have leftover fabric from previous projects. Have a look through these extra pieces: maybe you have some fabric that would work well for accent blocks, sashing or binding. A tip for storing your stash: keep it organized by colour- this will make the process of matching a lot easier!

4) Fill in with ‘Blenders’

More quilt shops will have a selection of ‘blenders’, which are tone-on-tone fabrics that work well for in between your printed blocks. These fabrics are often at least a few dollars less per metre. If you aren’t doing a lot of piecing for your quilt top, you can always use blenders for sashing, borders or binding.

Final Note: If you are unsure, ask the staff at your local fabric store for help and let them know if you have a budget.  They know the stock better than anyone so they can help you to find the pieces you need to complete your project and keep it affordable.

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