5 Types of Tools for Home Decor Projects

No matter what type of sewing you are doing, there are always some handy tools to have around. Quilters like to use basting pins or sprays, clothing sewists who specialize in evening wear like to have pins that work well with fine fabrics, but what about if you plan to sew home décor projects? Here are our suggestions for the five types of tools you should have ready in your sewing room before your next home décor project!


1) Cutting Tools:

Sewing Shears- it’s very important to make sure that you have shears that are sharp! Dull blades will not cut or may even snag your fabrics. A longer blade is also a good idea especially when working with thicker fabrics.

Embroidery Scissors- a small pair of embroidery scissors (or thread snips) is ideal for both clipping threads and corners.

Pinking Shears- these shears come with blades that will cut a zigzag edge which helps prevent fabrics from fraying.

Seam Ripper- this tool comes with a sharp prong and a tiny, sharp blade that is used to unpick seams.


2) Marking Tools:

Marking Pen- there are two main types of marking pens available: water soluble and air erasable. Both can be removed with water, however, the air erasable pen will disappear on its own within a couple days so make sure to only use it for quick projects.

Chalk Pencil- the chalk from these pencils can be removed by brushing or washing the chalk off the fabric. The marks from a chalk pencil tend to harder to apply and remove than from a marking pen.

Tailor’s chalk- this is a square piece of chalk that is easy to apply and remove by brushing or washing away the chalk.

Chalk Wheel- with a chalk wheel, the markings go on smoothly in a fine line and can be removed by brushing or washing away the chalk.

With any marking tool, it is always a good idea to test on a scrap of fabric first as some marking types and colours are harder to remove than others.

3) Pins

Glass Head Pins- these pins come with little coloured balls on the top that will not melt if touched by a hot iron.

Quilting Pins- quilting pins are available in extra-long lengths which make them ideal for working with thicker fabrics.

T-Pins- these pins are great for working with heavy fabrics or for anchoring fabric to a padded surface.


4) Needles

Hand Sewing Needles-sharps needles are great for general purpose sewing while darners as great for darning or basting fabrics.

Machine Needles – the type of machine needle required depends on the type of fabric and project you are working on. Make sure to consult your sewing machine manual or ask the advice of a sales clerk at your favorite fabric store. A good rule of thumb is the bigger the number, the larger the needle, the thicker the fabric it will sew.


5) Other Useful tools

Glues-there are a variety of glues available that may be useful for your project including basting sprays, tacky glue, a glue gun or Fray Check (seam sealant).

Staple Gun- A staple gun is a useful tool for any upholstering projects including headboards, chairs and so much more!


If you are unsure about what tools you will need for an upcoming project, ask one of the sales clerks when you are purchasing your fabrics. They often have great tips and tricks to share!

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