5 Ways to Incorporate Faux Fur Into Your Wardrobe

Fabricana has so many beautiful, luxurious faux fur fabrics, but you may not know what to make with them.  Here are our top five picks!  


#1 Faux Fur Jacket

This is not your grandmother’s fur coat!  If you want to wrap yourself in luxury without the guilt of a natural fur, today’s fresh short styles make it easy and guilt free!


#2 Faux Fur Collar

If you find the idea of a fur coat a little overwhelming, a fur collar is a great alternative.  It adds texture, fun, and warmth.  Tip:  Create a removable collar for an existing coat – simply add a band of buttonholes to the collar and corresponding buttons to the inside of the coat’s neckline!


#3 Faux Fur Vest

It wasn’t difficult to find examples of faux fur vests.  They’re a very popular item due in part to their versatility.  They’re a great layering piece for indoor or outdoor and provide warmth when a bulky coat is more than you need.  Faux fur can be used for the entire vest or a contrast.  Our favourite is McCall’s 7480 which features a luxury faux fur backed faux leather.  Very chic!


#4 Faux Fur Stole

The stole is another versatile piece.  Pair it an evening gown or party dress to keep your shoulders warm on the way from the car.  Mix it with casual separates to bring a touch of the exotic to the everyday.


#5 Faux Fur Boot-covers

Here’s one use for faux fur that you may not have thought of.  Faux fur boot-covers can elevate your boots from mundane to outstanding.  They also help keep your ankles warm!  These boot covers are also great because they can be removed for easy care and cleaning.


We hope these ideas will inspire you to try working with faux fur.  It’s the ultimate in guilt free luxury!

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