5th Annual Charity Sew-A-Thon

In 2011, we thought it would be nice in the Holiday season to give back to the community in some way. We were looking to find a way to combine fabric, sewing and being able to give something that is useful. During our search we found Covenant House, an organization that helps homeless and displaced youth. They help the youth overcome addiction and mental health issues and help get them off the streets with their short-term crisis residential program and long-term transitional living program. Covenant House also has an outreach program targeting youth between 13 and 24 who are not in need of shelter or not yet ready for the residential program.

Every December Covenant House has a Christmas backpack campaign. It is to this specific program that we donate our finished projects. On our first year of the Sew-A-Thon we focused on making polar fleece scarves, blankets and hats. While the blankets and scarves are helpful, we found that the hats were the most useful. Due to the dedication of our amazing volunteers, we have been able to donate over 1000 hats the last two years in a row! This year we have decided to focus all of this positive energy on three projects; fleece hats, fingerless gloves and mitts.

How can you help?

  1. Between Sunday, October 30 and Sunday, November 13, donate fabric for our Sew-A-Thon nights. For every 1 metre piece of polar fleece purchased for donation, Fabricana will match it with another 1 metre donation!
  2. Volunteer your time during one of our sew-a-thon nights. Food will be provided! Come join us for a fun night of working with fleece! Don’t know how to sew? That’s ok! You can help with cutting out!

Coquitlam’s Events:

Tues. Nov.22 12:30-4:30PM- Cutting Only

Thurs. Nov.24 5:00-9:00PM- Cutting & Sewing

Tues. Nov. 29 12:30-4:30PM- Cutting & Sewing

Thurs. Dec. 1 5:00-9:00PM- Sewing Only


Richmond’s Events:

Tues. Nov. 22 5:00-9:00PM- Cutting Only

Thurs. Nov.24 5:00-9:00PM- Cutting & Sewing

Wed. Nov. 30 5:00-9:00PM- Cutting & Sewing

Thurs. Dec. 1 5:00-9:00PM- Sewing Only


  • To sign up for our sew-a-thon nights please give us a call at our Richmond store (604)273-5316 or Coquitlam store (604) 524-5454.
  • To purchase fabric to be donated to our sew-a-thon initiative simply visit one of our stores between October 30 & November 13 and let the clerk know who is cutting for you know that you are purchasing fabric for our sew-a-thon!

We are very excited to be donating to this amazing charity again this year and hope you will join us!


For more information about Covenant House Vancouver and their programs please visit http://covenanthousebc.org

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