7 Awesome Categories of Novelty Prints found in our Cotton Department

Bulldogs and Bagels and Buttons!  OH MY!

Here are 7 awesome categories of novelty prints found in our cotton department. We've got a print for everyone! 

Food and Drink
French Fries!  Carrots!  Doughnuts!  Candy Canes!  Wine!  Beer!  No, this is not the menu for my next dinner party, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wide selection of novelty food prints that you’ll find at Fabricana.  These prints are perfect for kitchen articles such as aprons, oven mitts, and placemats, but they also make fun pyjamas or boxer shorts!
Cats and Dogs
Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, we don’t discriminate.  We try to keep everyone happy with a wide selection of cat and dog prints.  While some are more cartoonish and others are more realistic, they are all adorable.  A recent addition to this section is a collection of “Grumpy Cat” fabrics.  Yes, this iconic feline is now available on fabric!
Hockey!  Football!  Basketball!  Figure Skating!  Golf!  If it’s a sport, and it’s available on fabric, we try to make sure that it is represented in our cotton department.  These prints are perfect for quilts, pyjamas, boxer shorts and pillowcases or anything else you can think of to keep your super-fans happy.


Sci-Fi and Super Heroes
Hollywood seems to understand the incredible demand for more sci-fi and superhero movies and we do, too!  These fabrics appeal to young and old.  From DC comics to Marvel, Star Wars to Star Trek, you’ll find it at Fabricana!
Planes, trains and automobiles!  Yes, we have all of the above plus firetrucks, bicycles, dump trucks and diggers.  These fabrics are often used to create quilts, bedding, and drapes for kids but they are also great for clothing for those who are fascinated by everything on-the-go!           
From stunning landscape prints to majestic animals, we have a wide range of wilderness prints.  We try to focus on Canadian wildlife, but you will also find creatures from African, Australia, India and those who make their home in the sea!
Whether you’re a budding sewist or an experienced dressmaker, who can resist a charming sewing themed print?  They’re great for quilts, little gifts for friends who sew, or you can let the world know that you LOVE sewing by wearing a skirt in a bold BUTTON print!
Next time you are looking to sew somethign special for someone, don't forget to check out our novelty printed cottons!
Happy Sewing!

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