7 Popular Types of Window Coverings

Whether you just moved or are looking to redecorate a room, choosing the right window covering to suit your room's style can sometimes be a challenge. But don't fret! Here are seven popular types of window coverings and tips for which ones to use.

1. Curtains: Curtains come in many different designs, but their fabric is almost always thin. Curtains are great for a guest room or home office. Curtains allow some light in while adding a soft touch to the room.

2. Drapes: Drapes should not be confused with curtains. Drapes are made of thicker fabric and are often pleated. Drapes look best when covering large windows like in a living room or great room. They add drama while keeping the light and unwanted peering out.

3. Valances: Valances use very little fabric to give a window a little more personality. There are two types of valances: free-hanging and structured. Both types cover only the top of the window, therefore, they are best for something like a kitchen window where you want to soften the look of the window without restricting the light.

4. Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds were traditionally made of wood, but can now also be found in vinyl or enamel-coated aluminum. Venetian blinds are the ultimate light blocker, which makes them great for kids' bedrooms especially for the summer when bedtime comes before the sun goes down. Venetian blinds can allow your entire family to get the rest they need to grow and thrive.

5. Vertical Blinds: Have you seen a glass door leading to a back yard or balcony? If so, then you've probably seen vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are wide slats tightly covered in fabric that open and close with a pull string/chain. This chain can also allow you to pull the vertical blind to one side of the window, which helps if you're covering a door that you need to go in and out of.

6. Roller Shades: Roller shades are a piece of vinyl or fabric rolled around a rod. Some roller shades move up and down the window with a chain similar to the one that vertical blinds have. Other roller shades are spring-loaded and can simply be pulled down to cover the window, and pulled on again to retract. Roller shades are great for any window you occasionally want to keep light out of but don't want to bring too much attention to.

7. Roman blinds: Roman blinds are made up of horizontal fabric panels divided by wooden dowels or fabric ties at each new panel. You can pull up the blinds with a chain or tie up the blind to your desired length. Roman blinds are made for their aesthetics rather than their light-blocking ability, so they're suitable for a kitchen or dining room where your goal is not to block or reduce light.

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