7 Types of Trims to Customize Your Next Clothing Project

When you hear the words ''fabric store'' images of various fabrics come to mind, whether it's bolts of beautiful silks, big rolls of luxurious home décor fabrics, or a rainbow of thousands of enticing quilting fabrics. There is another big section of the store that you may be missing out on: TRIMS! Often when we're following a pattern, we get locked in to making it exactly as it's shown in the picture causing us to miss out on the golden opportunity of creating a uniquely customized piece simply by adding trim. Here's a look at some common (or not-so-common) trims and how they can be used.
  1. Piping: Although piping is used frequently in home décor, it can also be effectively used on clothing. Imagine a classic black blazer with white piping inserted along the collar and lapel edges. So sharp!
  2. Flat trims: Satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, and metallic braids can be used in so many ways, because they can simply be stitched on top of any fabric. Imagine a little girl's sundress with multiple rows of satin ribbon stitched above the hem, the preppy look of a red, navy or grey grosgrain ribbon stitched to the edges of a flannel blazer, or various widths of gold metallic braid stitched on navy to create a stunning nautical/military look!
  3. Retro: Some trims can evoke a feeling of times gone by. Ric Rac is a braided serpentine trim available in a range of colours and widths and is always a cheerful addition to children's clothing. Eyelet trim, also known as lace Anglais, can create a Victorian feel, or even a ''country vibe'' when added to the hem of a skirt or petticoat.
  4. Lace Trim: Fine lace trims such as Chantilly, Guipure, or embroidered tulle can elevate a simple garment to a cherished heirloom. Often found embellished with pearls, sequins, seed and bugle beads, or embroidered with heavy cord or metallic yarn, they can also add a layer of drama and sparkle. One very strong current trend in bridal wear is the use of a heavily beaded trim to create a belt on a bridal gown.
  5. Crystals: Applying authentic crystal rhinestone trim to an evening gown can almost turn the garment into a piece of jewelry. There are also inexpensive trims available that have a similar effect, with far less investment. 
  6. Stretch Trims: Many traditional trims will not allow the freedom of movement required for dance, skating, or other athletic endeavours. Stretch sequin trims, stretch lace, and other stretch trims are specifically designed to add interest to these garments and also to help catch the eye when the garments are seen on stage or in competition.
  7. Fabric as trim: There are many fabrics that are traditionally cut and used as trim such as organza and chiffon which are suitable for ruffles, flounces or rosettes. Some lace fabrics also lend themselves to be cut apart and applied to a garment to create a custom lace look. There are many other fabrics such as silks or cottons which can be cut into bias strips to create customized binding or piping creating an endless range of possibilities to create unique garments.
Next time you have a clothing sewing project, don’t forget the trims!
Happy Sewing!

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