Are eco-friendly and organic the same?

Many people are focusing on trying to reduce their footprint on the Earth. While both eco-friendly and organic fabrics can help with this, it is important to know the difference between the two. While organic fabrics can be eco-friendly, eco-friendly fabrics aren’t always organic.

Organic fibres are cultivated without pesticides, chemical herbicides or synthetic fertilizers that can be harmful to the environment. In order for a fabric to be considered organic, it must meet strict guidelines in regards to how the fibre is processed, produced, dyed and handled.

Eco-friendly fabrics are made from fibres that require little or no pesticides to grow. These fabrics are animal friendly as they are either made from non-animal fibres or are harvested in animal friendly ways. Eco-friendly fabric also usually refers to products that contribute to green living or practices that help save resources like water and energy. In addition, eco-friendly products avoid contributions to air, water and land pollution. 

While organic fabrics do no pollute the earth with harmful chemicals, they can still use a lot of water in production processes. Some eco-friendly fabrics use small amount of herbicides or pesticides when the fibre is grown, but limit the strain on resources used to produce it.

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