Knitting How-to: Casting Off

Casting off is a very important knitting skill to have. In this video Myles shows you one of his favorite ways to cast off that will give you a very pretty finished product.

  1. Knit the first and second stitches like you normally would. 
  2. Slide your left needle under the first stitch and pull it over the second one.
  3. Knit your third stitch. Slide your left needle under the second stitch and pull it over the third one.
  4. Continue this same process of knitting a stitch and then pulling the previous stitch over top of it until you have two stitches left on your right needle.
  5. Pull the lower stitch up over top of your last stitch. Open up the last stitch by gently pulling your needle away from your work. Cut your yarn (leaving a long tail attached to your work). Pull the end of your yarn through the stitch and gently pull it tight. 

Extra Tip: If you are finding that your casting off is too tight, you can try to use the next size up needle for your right needle (you can keep the same size needle for your left). 

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