Fall 2016 Home Décor Trends Part Two: Colour Palette

Subtle Sophistication – Blues have turned down the volume.  Where we were seeing deep teal and turquoise in recent seasons, we are now seeing dreamier smoky blues and washed denim shades.  These are paired beautifully with a shade often referred to as “birch” – an elegant shade somewhere between grey and taupe.


All that glitters is not gold – But it may be silver! If you’re looking to add a little luxe to your home décor, trends are steering you toward silver.  Don’t let it leave you in the cold, though.  You’ll often find it paired with a warm neutral, like our new friend birch.


Spice it up – Spicy hues are also making a strong showing.  Saffron, mustard and burnt orange are names being tossed around.  To keep their bold impact in check, they are often paired with the dreamy blues and warm neutrals mentioned above.

Watch for these fabrics coming soon to your local Fabricana Home!

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