How to Build a Quilt Top in 2 Days!

 I was tasked to make the “Warm Wishes Gift Tag” Quilt to display in our stores.  It features amazingly beautiful fabrics from the “Warm Wishes” collection from Hoffman International Fabrics which incorporates cardinals, poinsettias, pinecones and, of course, gift tags!  The project is available in two colourways; silver and gold.  I couldn’t resist the silver!

Here is a link to the FREE PATTERN:


Of course time is always at a premium, so I gave myself the challenge of putting together the quilt top over a Friday and Saturday, hoping to bring it back to the store on Sunday.  Did it happen?  See for yourself…

Friday 9:52AM – I’m a man with a mission!  My rotary blade is sharp and I’m in my most comfy flannel p.j.s and t-shirt.  Very quickly (but carefully) the fabrics are all cut and sub-cut.  

Friday 9:53AM – Getting organized!  All the fabrics for the gift tag blocks are sorted face up ready to head to the sewing machine.  The sashing and border fabrics are set aside for later.

Friday 10:05AM – The first set of gift tag blocks are stitched in record time (Thank you chain piecing!) 

Friday 10:08AM – The corners are trimmed on the first set of gift tag blocks.

Friday 10:43AM – After a quick trip to the iron, the first set of blocks are pressed.  This process is repeated for the other gift tag blocks.  Now it’s time to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Friday 7:19PM – The break is over and dinner is finished and it’s time to get back to it!  All of the completed gift tag blocks are laid out on the floor with the white spacing pieces making sure to copy the layout provided in the pattern.

Friday 7:32PM – Once the layout is correct, I grab the sashing strips and start adding them to the vertical columns.

Friday 9:38PM – The sashing is finished within in the columns and I’m ready to start inserting the sashing between the columns!  I’m so happy with how much is already done!

Sunday 11:15AM – Much of Saturday was spent finishing the sashing and adding the borders (although I did find time to party on Saturday night!)  Yes!  The quilt top is finished!  I’ll take a break and let it hang in the store for a bit and then bring it back to the store when it’s quilted and bound.

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