How to Create a Multi-layer Applique Block

We have provided this tutorial to show how a layered applique goes together. We are demonstrating this technique with the “New Brunswick” block from the Cantik Batik Mystery Block Program. For more information about the Mystery Block program, see the bottom of the description or contact us [email protected].

We suggest reading through all pattern instructions before completing this project.

Extra Supplies Needed:

  • Applique Pressing Sheet
  • Paper-backed fusible web (such as Heat N Bond or Wonder Under)
  • Small Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Iron & Ironing Board
  1. Place your Heat N Bond or Wonder Under on top of your piece templates (make sure to have the shiny side facing down). On the paper side of your fusible web, trace out your pieces with a pencil. Make sure to label each piece.
  2. Once they are all traced out, loosely cut around each piece. Sort out all your pieces and lay them onto their corresponding fabric. Fuse each piece in place.
  3. Carefully cut out each piece with a pair of small scissors.
  4. Place you applique pressing sheet over top of your placement guide. Following the steps listed by the pattern, set each applique piece in place, peeling the paper backing off each applique piece as you go. From time to time the pattern will ask you to gently remove a section of the applique off the pressing sheet and set it aside.
  5. Continue following the pattern directions until you have the entire block assembled. Gently peel the applique off of the pressing sheet and set it onto your backing fabric. Once you are sure all the outside edges are matching, iron the applique onto the backing. Iron over the entire block slowly, using a press cloth, making sure all the sections are well fused together.
  6. Mark the bridge definition line using a fine tip, permanent marker.
  7. If you are worried about fraying, you can edgestitch around your block.

Congratulations on completing your block!

This block is part of the Cantik Batik Mystery block program. Every 6 weeks a new block is released that showcases a part of Canada or the United States. This block represents the Hartland Covered Bridge in New Brunswick.

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