How to Sew on a Button



  • Threaded Needle
  • Straight Pin
  • Button
  • Marking Tool


  1. Mark your button placement with your marking tool.
  2. Position your straight pin directly over where you would like to sew your button.
  3. Knot the end of your doubled thread.  Insert your needle (from front to back) at the spot you marked on your fabric. Bring your needle back to the front, this time on the other side of the pin. 
  4. Put your needle through one of the holes of your button and back through the other hole. Now put your needle through your fabric (front to back) right beside where you initially went through.
  5. From the back insert your needle where you went from back to front the first time, through the one hole of the button and then back into the second hole and through the fabric again until your needle comes out at the back of the fabric.
  6. Repeat this process of sewing through the button and fabric about 6 or so times finishing with your needle at the top of your work.

      To create the shank:

  1. Put your needle back through the second hole of the button but not into the fabric.
  2. Remove the pin. Firmly wrap the thread a few times around the “shank” you created between the button and the fabric.
  3. Insert your needle through the shank, pulling the thread all the way through.
  4. Repeat this process a couple of times and then clip your excess thread.

Extra Tip: If you have a four-hole button follow steps one to six sewing through two of the aligned holes (top and bottom hole) and then stitch through the two holes that are “side by side”.  After you have sewn through both sets of holes, follow the directions for creating a shank.

Happy Sewing!

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