Knitting How-to: Knit Stitch

First you will want to cast on as many stitches as you need. You can view our video about casting on at http://fabricana.com/blog-item/casting-on.
Tips: Make sure when you start your knitting you are working with the yarn that is connected to the ball of yarn (and not the end of your yarn). Also make sure to hold the yarn as shown in the video for proper tension. 
  1. Put the point of right-hand your needle through the first stitch (from front to back and left to right of the stitch). Wrap the yarn counter-clockwise over the right needle. Then using your left hand to help, pull the stitch over the end of the right needle and slide the stitch off of the left needle. 
  2. Continue this same process until you have knit all the stitches in your row. 
  3. To start knitting your second row, move the needle with the stitches to your left hand and place the empty needle in your right hand. Knit your row using the same process as you did in your last row.
  4. Then just keep knitting until you have as many rows as you need for your project. 
  5. Lastly you will want to cast off your project. You can view our video on casting off at http://fabricana.com/blog-item/casting-off.

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