Knitting How-to: Purl Stitch

In this video Myles shows you how to purl by showing the technique of the stocking stitch which is made by alternating rows of knitting and purling.

1. Cast on the required amount of stitches for your project and then knit your first row. 

  For a reminder of how to cast on: http://fabricana.com/blog-item/casting-on

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2. When you go to purl your second row you will want to make sure that your working yarn is in front of your needle and you will insert your needle from right to left and back to front. Wrap the yarn counterclockwise, and using your left hand to help, pull the stitch over the end of your right needle and slide the stitch off the left needle. 

3. Continue the same procedure to finishing purling your entire row. 

4. To continue with the stocking stitch you will want to knit every odd row and purl every even row until you have as many rows as needed for your project. 

5. Cast off your project with the technique of your choice. 

  For a reminder of how to cast off see our video here: http://fabricana.com/blog-item/how-to-knit-stitch


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