Inspiration on a "Small" Scale - Designer Inspiration: Nigel Chia

Thanks to the wonders of social media, in particular Facebook and Youtube, I was recently introduced to Nigel Chia.  According to the bio on his website, Nigel is a veterinarian and fashion designer, which may seem like a strange combination, but both require much dedication and attention to detail.  He is currently pursuing his love of fashion design.
While Nigel creates seasonal ready-to-wear collections and offers couture bridal services, the thing that has caught my attention is the creation of the De Muse 16” collectible dolls.  These articulated dolls are a 3D representation of traditional fashion illustrations with the corresponding extreme proportions.  The legs, arms and neck are long, the waist tiny, and the faces immaculate.  Although lovely, the dolls pale in comparison to the extreme care taken in creating their tiny wardrobes.  The garments are often mini versions of items available for real live people.  Due to the small scale, much of the sewing must be done by hand and there is no shortage of couture techniques used to create embroidered and beaded details.  


The other wonderful thing that may be of particular interest to those who sew, is the number of videos that document the making of these diminutive masterpieces.  In just a few minutes these videos take you from pattern drafting to finished garment and you don’t want to miss a second of it!


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