New Fashion Arrivals!

Working in a fabric store, I am always so excited when we start receiving large shipments of New Arrivals for Fall or Spring!

I realized after I took pictures of all the fabrics I wanted to showcase that there were just too many so here are just some of the new exciting arrivals we have in-store!

Here we have two colours of Cuzco, Bonded Missoni and Melange Boucle. These fabrics would make a nice, cozy sweater jacket for Fall or Winter.


We've just received lots of new colours and prints in Rayon Batik fabrics! Rayons are great for flowy garments and travelwear as they are great in warm temperatures and tend to be wrinkle resistant!


This Crinkle Yoryu would be perfect for a flowy top, skirt or blouse. It is also 100% rayon making it great for warm weather. 


Two toned sequins! We've had this type of fabric in before and it's always a hit! These would be great on the front panel of a dress or pants. We have this fabric in  lt.gold/champagne, black/champagne, silver/black, gold/black and blue/black. 


Here are some lovely tweeds and the plaid one is even laminated! These would be great for a nice Fall or Winter jacket and the laminated one would even protect you from our rainy West Coast weather!


Even more tweeds (the paisley print and missoni-look print are both laminated)


These sweater knit prints would be great for a cozy sweater or jacket for Fall or Winter. 


These are just some of the MANY new fabrics we have received in the last few weeks and we still have many more to come so stay tuned!

Happy Sewing!

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