Quick & Easy Superhero Cape

With Halloween just over a month away, we thought we would share some easy costume how-to ideas. This superhero cape video we made has been really popular so we thought we would share it again. 

(Apologies for the poor sound quality, we made this video when we were just getting started!)


  • 1.25 metres of double fold bias tape
  • Fabric that will not fray such as four-way stretch material or felt.

To calculate how much yardage you will need, take whatever the width of your fabric is and purchase half that amount. For the video we chose a fabric that is 150cm wide so we purchased 75cm of fabric.

If you are making a cape for a child, you can always trim the width of the fabric down so that the cape is smaller. If you choose to do this, keep in mind that the length of your cape should be half the measurement of your width in order to be able to use the circular cape technique we show in this video.

It is suggested that if you are working with a stretch material for your cape, that you sew with a stretch needle.


  1. Cut both of the selvedges (finished edges) off of your fabric.
  2. Take your fabric and fold it in half widthwise.
  3. Place your measuring tape at the corner with the fold, measure across the top of your piece to find out how wide you fabric now is (in the video we measured 74 cm). Place a pin at this point.
  4. Pivot your measuring tape and place a pin at the same measurement. Continue to pivot and pin across the rest of your piece. This creates a quarter circle that will become the hem of your cape. Cut out your quarter circle using your pins as a guide. Make sure to remove your pins as you go.
  5. To mark the neckline, place your measuring tape at the same corner point you used to mark the hem of your cape. This time measure 12 cm and place a pin. Pivot your tape measure and again place a pin at the 12cm point. Continue this process across the whole piece. Cut out this smaller quarter circle, again pulling out the pins as you go.
  6. Find the halfway point along the neckline of your cape and on your piece of bias tape. Match up these two points and pin together. Pin the bias tape to the neckline, moving from the centrepoint outwards. Stitch the bias tape to the neckline, making sure to stitch in the crease of the bias tape.
  7. Edgestitch along the whole length of the bias tape making sure to start with the right side of your cape facing up. This will ensure that your stitching catches the underside of the bias tape that is slightly wider.

Optional: If you are worried about the ends of your ties fraying, simply turn them under a couple of times and stitch in place.

Congratulations on completing your cape!

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