Simple Cuffed Pillowcase Project

Adapted from: http://www.maryquilts.com/pillowcase/

Use awesome novelty fabric for this project for a perfectly customized gift!

Fabric Requirements:

For this project it is recommended to use printed cotton broadcloth that is approx. 44” wide.

  • 25 metres of fabric for the cuff
  • 10 metres of fabric for the contrast band
  • 70 metres of fabric for the body of the pillowcase

Tip: If your fabric has a specific pattern you would like to showcase, you may want to buy a little extra so you can “fussy cut” it (example: the red Star Wars contrast band)


1.     Cut out your fabric pieces. Your cuff should be 9” wide and 44” long. Your contrast band should be cut 3” wide and 44” long. The body of the pillowcase should be 27” x 44”.  For all three pieces, if the width of the fabric is a little more or a little less than 44” that is ok, you will trim the pieces to match later on.

2.     Fold the contrast band in half lengthwise (wrong-sides together) and press. Lay your cuff piece right-side up. Lay your contrast band on top, matching your cut edges (FIG. 1 & 2). Place your body piece right-side down again lining up the cut edge (FIG. 3). Roll or fold the extra body fabric out of the way so you can line up the other edge of the cuff on top of all your layers (FIG. 4). Pin all the layers together being careful not to catch the extra body fabric. \

3.      Sew the piece together with 3/8” seam allowance. Reach into the cuff and pull out the body of the pillow case. Press the cuff flat. 

4.     Trim the selvedges (finished edges) off both sides of your pillowcase, making sure the sides are square in relation to your cuff. 

5.  With WRONG-sides together, sew the side and bottom of the pillowcase closed with 3/8” seam allowance, making sure to pivot at the corner. Turn the pillowcase inside out and press your seams. Stitch around the pillow case again, this time with a ½” seam allowance. 

6.    Turn your pillowcase right-side out and press again. Trim any stray threads that may have become caught in your stitching. Congratulations on completing your pillowcase!

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