5 Irresistible Felt Costume Ideas for Little Ones!

“Mommy, can you make me a fortune teller?”

“Daddy, help me make a pirate costume!”

As a child, these were commonly repeated phrases in my house during the weeks leading up to Hallowe’en.  Thankfully, Mom knew how to sew, but not every parent has that skill.  If you’re more of a “cut-and-paste” parent, FELT may be the costume solution you’ve been looking for.  Felt is easy to cut, doesn’t fray, is inexpensive, comes in a wide range of colours, and takes well to craft glue!  Add to that the abundance of pattern ideas for felt costumes found on Pinterest, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a happy trick-or-treater!

Below is a very abbreviated selection of the ideas found on Pinterest:


Unicorn!  Unicorn!  Unicorn! 

Kids can’t seem to get enough of Unicorns these days.  They’re magical and beautiful.  A real “mane”stay for modern trick-or-treaters.



You may spend hours cutting and gluing feathers (we send our apologies in advance!), but the finished effect is outstanding.  The brilliant plumage will also help to make your little ones more visible!



Animal Masks

The only limit here is your imagination!  These masks are also great projects that the kids can help with.  Once Mom or Dad has made the base mask, the kids can help with the embellishments.  Tip:  If you only need a small piece of a given colour, pick up a felt square!



It’s all about the sprinkles!  Felt squares can be purchased in a wide range of bright colours to make this costume extra sweet.



Timber!  The burly felt beard steals the show in this lumberjack look.  Add some plaid, a cozy hat, and a toy axe and she or he will be ready for the 31st!


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