5 Easy Steps to Perfect Pleats

Here are two words to help you create perfect pleats:  freezer paper.  Follow these five easy steps to use regular freezer paper from the grocery store to create beautiful little pleats.
Step 1:
Cut a length of fabric the width of your freezer paper.
Step 2:
Cut a length of freezer paper the width of your fabric and mark your pleats on the back (non-shiny side) of your freezer paper (example shows 2” pleat with 1” spacing).
Step 3:
Pin and press the freezer paper to the back of your fabric.  The waxy coating on the back of the freezer paper will create a temporary bond between the paper and the fabric.
Step 4:
Press pleats one by one.  In our example, we close the 2” gap (i.e. we bring one of the lines to match up with the other line) and then press it in place until all of your fabric is pleated. 



Step 5:
Remove paper and touch up pleats if necessary.
This method works for various types of fabrics.  To create permanent pleats in synthetic fabrics such as the polyester shown in this article, you will need high heat on your iron, but not so high as to melt your fabric!  We recommend testing the heat of your iron on a scrap piece of freezer paper and fabric before starting your pleating project.  
You may want to hem your fabric before pleating it, as it is easier to hem the flat piece.  If you hem it after it is pleated, you will have to retouch each of the pleats at the hem.
This method is limited by the width of your freezer paper.  Our paper was 18” wide which works for a short skirt or to create an addition to a dress or blouse.  You can also cut down the width of the freezer paper to create pleated ruffles.  If you do need to make longer pleats, you may want to try drawing the lines along the length of the freezer paper and use multiple pieces to cover your fabric.  
Experiment with varying the width and spacing of the pleats to create different effects.





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