Colour Trend Spring 2017: BLUSH

Shhhhhhh!  Blush is the colour trend that is whispering its way into our lives

The blush trend may be the lingering result of the forecast of Rose Quartz (and Serenity Blue) as the Pantone colour(s) of the year for 2016, but this shade of pink is even softer and more muted.  It’s showing up in home décor, fashion and even in our crafts.


Living in a Dream

If you’re having difficulty seeing the colour in these photos, you’re starting to understand this trend.  It’s not a “pop of pink,” it’s more like “that looks kind of pink.”  That’s why this trend for décor is so strong:  it’s easy to live with and it’s not overly feminine.  It looks great with greys or warm neutrals, and really fresh paired with trendy copper or rose gold metallics.


Head to Toe

While this photo highlights the strength of the blush trend for special occasion (it’s our most sought after colour for bridesmaids – and even a few brides!), this is also a very popular colour for everyday dressing.  Many have replaced their neutral spring trench with a blush jacket, blush trousers are the new chino, and who can resist a pair of blush ballet flats and matching handbags?


The Softer Side of Craft Fabrics

While the craft department of the fabric store is filled with an array of high contrast prints in bright colours or fabrics inspired by nature, there is still room for the blush trend.  Soft pink has always been a staple for traditional craft fabrics like the ones featured on the left (above).  This warm, feminine shade is also insinuating itself into modern collections like the one on the right.  These collections are highly sought after by quilters and crafters alike.  Expectant mothers may also have a hard time resisting these fabrics when decorating the nursery!  So fresh and pretty!

With this trend making its presence felt in so many aspects of our lives, how will you respond when it “whispers” in your ear?

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