The Fabric Store: A Great Place to Discover your Personal (Home Décor) Style

Many stores carrying ready-made home décor articles such as draperies, pillows, or upholstered furniture may be limited in the selection they can offer due to space constraints or even the idea of putting forward designs that adhere to their specific brand identity.  A large fabric store, however, is specifically stocked to try and offer the widest variety of styles to appeal to a maximum proportion of the market place.  You may have had the feeling walking in to some furniture stores that they are offering you their personal style, but wandering through a fabric store may provide an opportunity to discover your personal style.  We often recommend browsing through our store until you find one fabric that really speaks to you.  You can then get advice from our experienced team to help you find coordinating pieces to develop your scheme and bring your vision to life.  With just a quick walk through Fabricana Home we were inspired to put together the following schemes, which barely scratch the surface of the myriad of possibilities:


Soft and Sophisticated – If you are hoping to turn your bedroom into a calm oasis, you may be charmed by this elegant lotus motif in beautiful pastel shades and choose it for your jumping off point.  We’ve paired it with a playful, oversized gingham in fresh spring green and white and a casual washed denim in a soothing pink shade.


Going Global – A global scheme, incorporating the look of hand-woven or hand-printed fabrics in rich shades of gold, brown, and charcoal, is timeless.  It imbues a feeling of being well-travelled as if individual elements were collected (or curated) over time.  This rich scheme is perfect for a den, office, or a living space that can be enjoyed by the entire family.



Indigo Inspiration – Although the indigo tie-dye theme is a very strong current look in home decor, it also carries with it memories of the “flower-power generation” as well as the original handcrafted indigo tradition out of Asia.  Whatever it means to you, these fabrics can provide a sophisticated yet casual feeling to your living space.


Head in to your local décorative fabric store soon to find your own personal style!

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