DIY Baby Bib with Pocket

Back at it again with some wonderful gifts for either your own little one, a niece, grandson or anything in between! The Bib is a staple, but we can improve on an already great design. This Bib has a pocket, and when using Fabricana’s laminated cotton fabric you don’t have to wash after every meal. Simply open the velcro pocket that’s caught all the spilled food, wipe, and reuse!
Tools & Materials:
**Note: Laminated cotton fabric was used for the Bib, but regular cotton can be used instead if desired. Fabric amount will make 2 Bibs.
1)Laminated Cotton Fabric at .4m x 115-150cm width 
2)Regular Cotton for backing .4m x 115-150cm width
3)Iron on peltex interfacing .4m x 115-150 cm width
4)Matching and/or Contrasting Thread (regular stitching and top stitching)
5)Hand sewing needle
6)Hook and Soft velcro .1m x 2cm / ¾” width or 3 sets of plastic snaps (no metal)
7)Fabric Chalk (fabric pen not recommended)
8)Straight pins
9)Free pattern off of Fabricana’s Blog!
I made a wonderful Navy Blue on Red bib using velcro as my securing points, but you can use snaps instead if you’re looking for longer lasting durability. Fabricana carris amazing plastic baby snaps made especially for Bibs and Diapers called Babyville. I would highly recommend using the laminated cotton for the front panel of this project to allow for easier clean up! It’s machine washable and Fabricana carries the fabric in a bunch of different styles and colours. 
Step 1: Print off the Free Fabricana Pattern PDF icon b8b.pdf and cut out the pattern pieces. This pattern is suitable for babies infant to age 2. Most printers will need to print the pattern out on two pages. Tape together if necessary. 
Step 2: After assembling your pattern fold both your front pattern fabric and back pattern fabric in half. This special folding technique will allow you to get two Bibs out of 1 piece of fabric! 
Simply lay your fabric width wise in front of you and unfold completely. There should be a visible fold crease in the middle of the fabric, if not measure to the exact middle of the fabric and mark with a pin. Take one side of your fabric and fold to the exact middle of the fabric, do the same on the other side as well. You should now have the fabric folded so it looks like a book, or window shutters. This way you will have two “folds” when placing the pattern on the “fold” and waste less fabric when cutting. 
Step 3: Cut out the Front patterned fabric, back patterned fabric, and interfacing using the 1 piece pattern by placing it on the fold. 
Step 4: Iron the interfacing onto the Backing Fabric of the Bib. **Note: Do not iron the Laminated Cotton. Interfacing will not stitch to the laminated cotton. 
Step 5: Place Front Bib Fabric with Right Side facing up, and Back Pattern of Bib Right Side Facing together. The interfacing should be facing up. Sew together with a ¾” seam allowance, making sure to leave a 4” - 6” hole at the bottom of the bib in order to turn it inside out later. 
I like doing a double back stitch at all the corners of my Bib to allow for extra security since this part of the bib will see the most movement. I highly recommend doing this for any pattern you use when sewing “corners” or “sharp angles”. 
Step 6: Cut notches in the corners of your bib and around the neckhole and outside curve of the neck straps. This way the fabric will turn more smoothly and not get bunched up. 
Step 7: Turn the Bib inside out (right side out) so you see the pattern. Use a chopstick or pencil to poke out any stubborn corners that are not folding out properly. 
Sew the 4”-6” hole closed using a slip stitch. I do not recommend using a machine hidden stitch because it can be difficult to maneuver the laminated fabric and remove/pull excess thread. 
Step 8: Machine top stitch ¼” away from edge to secure the two sides together and to stop any “bubbling” of the fabric. You can use a matching or contrasting thread to add some flair to your Bib!
Step 9: Measure approximately 4.5” inches up from the bottom of your Bib and mark with fabric chalk.  This will be where your Velcro on the inside of the pocket will live. You can also get this measurement by folding the bottom of the bib up and folding the “flaps” towards the fabric to see where they land naturally.
This will create your pocket at the bottom of the bib.  
Step 10: Sew your velcro on with your Sewing Machine on the inside flap of the bottom of the bib, and the chalk marked spot in the middle of the bib. 
Do the same with the neck straps, making sure to place 1 piece of velcro on the top side and reverse of the fabric. 
And there you have it! A perfect Pocket Bib for Baby! This is a super easy project and will get a long life with your baby. Show us what fabrics you used to create your Bib and let us know if you’d like us to share it on our Fabricana Page! (Or just your adorable Baby Pictures!)









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