DIY: Baby Mobile

Whether you’re an Aunt, a Brother, a Grandmother or Mother this is an easy and timeless craft to give a newborn baby. My sister recently had a baby and I thought this was a perfect DIY to work on, inspired by my little nephew.
Tools & Materials
**Note: I used a Pink, Black, White, and Yellow Fleece because it does not fray. I used Felt for accents on the fleece, but Felt is not necessary if you’re making different shapes or styles. The felt I bought is 70 cent squares available at Fabricana. Please be sure to read all the instructions before starting** 
  1. 4 cuts of fleece at .1m or scraps. Colours can vary
  2. 2 Felt squares or scraps in white and blue
  3. Yarn
  4. A embroidery hoop or wooden hoop aprox 10” in diameter 
  5. 1 upholstery/drapery grommet 
  6. 1 ceiling hook
  7. Matching thread
  8. Hand sewing needle
  9. Scissors 
  10. Straight pins or safety pins
  11. Paper or card stock
  12. Marker
  13. Stuffing (optional)
  14. Fishing line (optional)
I created a penguin and snow theme because my sister loves penguins, but any style or shapes are possible! I’ve uploaded a copy of the pattern pieces I created that you can print and use as well!  I also did not use stuffing and instead used scrap fleece to stuff the shapes, but stuffing can be used instead. Fishing line is also optional depending on how low down you would like the mobile to hang, or if you’re using a different type of mounting. Overall I love the weight of the mobile and how it spins! I think it perfectly encapsulates my sister’s interests and keeps a light and fun look for baby. 
Step 1: Create your pattern shapes. There is a link on the page to the patterns I drew and created for my mobile look. Feel free to print those and cut them out for your own pattern, or draw out your own shapes. Click Here For Your Free Pattern 1 Download  Click Here for Pattern 2 Download
Step 2: Pin your pattern to the fleece and cut out shapes, making sure to cut 2. Each shape has a front and a back. I used safety pins to pin down the fabric since fleece can be so thick.
Step 3: After you have all your shapes, hand sew the shapes with right sides facing out using a BLANKET STITCH. This creates a “homemade feel” and since fleece does not fray it leaves it looking neat and tidy. Make sure while hand stitching that you leave a hole approximately 2” wide open to stuff the shape. 
Step 4: Stuff the shapes with either scrap fleece or stuffing. I liked using the fleece because it created the same effect, but left less scraps. Sew the 2” hole up, leaving a very small hole for later when tying the yarn on.
Step 5 (optional): One of the fun shapes I made was a penguin, which involved using 3 different colours of fabric. What I did was take the front piece of the Penguin and cut white felt into a “face” and “belly” shape for the penguins chest and face. I then used the same blanket stitch technique only sewing the front face of the fabric so my stitches would be hidden inside. 
I did the same when attaching the beak and feet using the yellow fleece. And hand stitched the eyes. 
Then used the same blanket stitch as before to seal off the penguin and stuff him using the excess fleece.
I used a similar technique with the snowflakes. Cutting out felt and stitching it into the front of the fleece and then sealing it off with the blanket stitch.
Step 6: Cut 4 equal lengths of yarn, and fold them in half to the desired length. My finished length of the yarn, once folded in half was 4 cut at 10” each. Loop the yarn through the Drapery Grommet and tie off with a knot. 
Step 7: Take the lengths of yarn and tie them to the embroidery hoop at four opposite points on the ring so that the hoop hangs straight. 
I tied the yarn off with a triple knot and then stitched through the knot using matching thread. It’s okay to leave a “tail” from the yarn since the hoop will be wrapped later.
Step 8: Take 3 lengths of yarn and tie them across the hoop from one another, creating a “star” pattern across the middle of the hoop. Stitch the knots closed once again. 
I wrapped some of the length of yarn so I could achieve the gradient look I was going for with the yarn, but it is not necessary to wrap the yarn at this point. Simply make sure the knots are secure and there is a criss cross pattern through the middle of the hoop.
Step 9: Next is to hang the shapes from the hoop. Take your yarn in varying desired length (it helps to have someone hold the hoop up so you can estimate where you would like the shapes to hang) and cut the yarn.
Tie one end of the yarn into a triple knot, stitching the knot in place so it does not come undone. Insert the knot into the small hole at the top of your shape. Hold the knot in place and stitch the hole shut. To make sure it is secure, loop the thread around the yarn and tie the thread into a knot, then finished the blanket stitch to seal the hole. 
Step 10: Tie the lengths of yarn to the hoop is varying places, spacing them out how you would like. Stitch the knot into place so it does not come undone. 
Step 11: Using the remainder of the yarn tie a single strand to the hoop and stitch the knot in place. Begin wrapping the yarn around the hoop tightly. When you reach a yarn strand being used for support (hanging from the drapery ring) wrap the yarn in a cross over pattern and continue along the hoop. 
This is also an ideal time to wrap any “tails” left over by the yarn you’ve tied onto the hoop. You can simple catching the tail in your wrapping and hide it under your tightly wrapped yarn.
Step 12: Last is the penguin or centerpiece shape to be hung from the centre of the mobile! Take your yarn strand that has already been tied into your penguin and wrap it around the centre point of the “star” crossover in the middle of the hoop. 
Knot the yarn and stitch the knot into place, trimming off any excess yarn. 
You’ll need the ceiling hook to be put up and then you’re done! I simply love how the shapes hang on my baby mobile and am excited to see what everyone else makes! 
So there you have it. A simple handmade baby mobile ready for use! Happy sewing! 

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