DIY: Mother's Day Flower Ribbon

Mother’s day is fast approaching! We’re all busy people, and despite our best intentions sometimes it can be hard to find a gift for mom. I know my mom is always happy to receive flowers and doesn’t expect anything else! But why not make a bouquet sometimes special, AND Eco Friendly
Well, here is a 15 minute craft that uses your scrap fabric and makes that bouquet a little bit more special. 
So many flowers come wrapped in PLASTIC and PAPER, why not make something that can be reused? You can use new or scrap fabric, and make something truly unique for mom! 
Tools & Materials: 
**Note these sizes make a ribbon finishing at 4” by 3”, with a top ribbon finishing at 28”. It can fit any bouquet smaller than this, or you can sew to size**
  1. Scrap Fabric at least 6” by 5”
  2. Scrap Fabric in contrasting or complimenting colour at least 5” by 4”
  3. Ribbon at 28” (.7m)
  4. Matching or contrasting thread
  5. Scissors
  6. Pins
Out of some scrap fabric and a matching ribbon I created a blue and beige coloured wrap that I know my mom will love! Plus it can stay on the bouquet once in the vase and be washed easily!
If you’d prefer you can also use Fabric Glue or Hot Glue in the place of all the “stitch work” done in this tutorial. It won’t last as long, but will create a similar look. 
Step 1: Measure out your base fabric to be 3.5” by 4.5”. This will be your Background colour that is closest to the stem on the flowers. Cut.
Step 2: Sew your fabric together with wrong sides together on three sides, leaving on side open. This will create a type of “pocket”.
Step 3: Turn fabric inside out so the right side of the fabric is facing out. Slip stitch or turn in the hem and top stitch to seal the pocket shut. Top stitch a square about ½” from the outside hem so the fabric lays flat. 
Step 4: Measure out your contrasting/complimenting fabric to be 2.5” by 4.5”. This will be the fabric that is facing out and seen the most while wrapped around the flowers. Cut. 
Step 5: Turn in the sides and the ends to create a single hem. Make sure the finished lengths are 2” by 4”. Iron flat so it is easier to sew. You can use a top stitch with a contrasting thread if you’d like so you can see the stitch work, or you can match the thread to make the stitches invisible. 
Step 6: Attach the two fabrics together, centering your contrasting/complimenting fabric in the middle of the base fabric.
Step 7: Hem the ends of your ribbon, or use Fray Stay (non fraying glue) to keep the ends clean. Attach the ribbon to the center of your fabrics. 
Vwala! Your Ribbon to wrap flowers is complete. Now you can go visit mom, present your beautiful bouquet and let her know you did the eco-friendly thing of using up scraps, and avoiding all that cello plastic!

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