Elements Of A Shirt Part 1: Yoke

Follow along in Part 1 of our Elements Of A Shirt series as Myles shows how to sew a shirt yoke.
Sewing a shirt can be intimidating. But we're here to show you that it's achievable if you have the right knowledge and if you take it step by step.
1. If there is a pleat in the back of your shirt, you will want to sew it first.
2. Layering the yoke pieces with the shirt back: When you cut out your yoke pieces, they were right sides together.  Separate your yoke pieces so one is right-side up.  Place your shirt back piece rightsides together with this yoke piece making sure to match your notches.  Layer your other yoke piece right-side down on top of your back piece, again making sure to match your notches.  Pin all the layers together and sew this seam.
3. Next, grade your seam allowances.  Leave the seam allowance on the outside yoke piece untrimmed.
4. Press your seam flat from the inside.  Flip the two yoke pieces up and press from the good side of both yoke pieces (on the inside and outside of the shirt).
5. Line up your shirt front and back pieces along the shoulder seam, making sure the pieces are right sides together.  Grab the yoke piece that is furthest away from your shirt front and wrap it around to enclose your shirt front.  Match your notches, pin, and sew.  The point of this step is to make sure that your shoulder seam of the shirt front is completely enclosed between the shoulder seams of the yoke pieces.  If you are unsure if you have it pinned correctly, you could always baste this seam and check before doing the final sewing.
6. Turn your work right-side out and press the seam from the outside of the shirt.
7. Repeat this process for the opposite shoulder.
8. Once you have sewn and pressed both shoulder seams, edgestitch through all layers at the bottom of your yoke and at your shoulder seam.
Congratulations on completing your shirt yoke! Stay tuned for the next video in this Elements Of A Shirt series: Plackets.

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