The Fabric Store: The Perfect Place to Explore Your Alter-ego!

Butterick and McCall’s have really “upped their game” for the upcoming costume season.  Well… that is, if we can even call it a costume “season” anymore.  It used to be that we would see a huge influx of customers creating costumes in the months leading up to Hallowe’en.  While we still see a rise in traffic in September/October, we also see a steady stream of enthusiasts creating costumes all year!  With a number of Cosplay and Comic Conventions, as well as societies engaged in historical re-creation we’re certain these costume patterns will be highly sought after.
Historical Costumes
While the historical costume section of the pattern catalogues used to focus on the Crinoline era (U.S. Civil War) or Renaissance period, Butterick and McCall’s have expanded the range of their historical patterns.  Fans of the very popular “Outlander” TV series will be very happy to see patterns that reflect the most iconic of the show’s costumes.  Fans of the Edwardian period (think “Titanic” or early “Downton Abbey” episodes) may also be tempted by some of these new releases.
Cosplay and Fantasy
We are constantly impressed and inspired by the creativity and ambition of our Cosplay clientele.  They are so dedicated to getting every detail right in duplicating their character costumes.  The photos above show a few of the new patterns to help them build their amazing creations.  Inspired by films such as “The Avengers” Series or fantasy TV series such as “Once Upon a Time”, McCall’s and Butterick have even more patterns for you to explore.
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