How to Apply Double-Fold Bias Tape

Double-fold bias tape has many applications, and it's easy to install. 


Double-fo​ld bias tape is a strip of fabric that is cut on the diagonal or bias.  It is folded once and then again, enclosing all raw edges.  The centre folded edge will become the edge of the work.  Bias tape is a little bit stretchy and flexible, so it's suitable for sewing around curves because it won't pucker or crease. 

Bias tape comes in pre-cut packages, is sold by the metre, or you can make your own using a bias tape maker. Double-fold bias tape is used to finish raw edges such as armholes, necklines, placemats, potholders, ruffles, patch pockets, and so much more!


Here's how...


1. Trim the seam allowance off the edge that will be bound in the bias tape.  Unfold one side of the bias tape and pin it along the edge, right sides together.

2. Sew your bias tape down, stitching in the crease closest to the raw edge.

3. From the right side of your garment, press the bias tape on the stitching line toward the outside edge.

4. Flip your project over, fold the bias tape closed, and press.

5. Trim the excess bias tape from the sides.  Pin your side seam together (making sure to unfold your bias tape), and stitch.

6. Trim the seam allowance diagonally on the bias tape only.  Fold the bias tape to the inside of your garment and then again so the folded edge of your bias tape overlaps your stitching line.  Press in place.

7. From the right side of your garment, pin the bias tape in place along the edge making sure to catch the inside bias tape piece.

8. Working from the right side of your garment, stitch the bias tape in place.  Make sure to stitch close to the finished edge in order to catch the back bias tape piece.  Instead of backstitching, leave long thread tails at the beginning and end of your stitching.  Starting with your beginning thread, from the back of your work, gently pull on your thread tail to pull the front thread to the back.  Tie these two threads together and then repeat the process with the end threads.

9. Do one final press of your bias tape edge.

Congratulations on stitching your double-fold bias tape!

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