How to Apply Single-Fold Bias Tape

Learn how to properly sew single-fold bias tape around an armhole.

Single-fold bias tape is often used to finish curved edges such as along the armhole of a shirt or dress, or around the curve of a quilt with a rounded edge.

Here's how to apply it properly:

1. Line up your single-fold bias tape along the cut edge, making sure one of the folds is sitting along your stitching line. Using your machine, sew the single-fold bias tape to your garment by stitching in the groove of the fold closest to the cut edge.
2. Trim your seam allowance and clip your curves.
3. Edgestitch the bias tape in place from the right side of the tape.
4. Press the bias tape to the wrong side of the fabric, and trim off the excess bias tape.
5. Unfold the bias tape along the side seam. Pin and sew the side seam of your garment making sure to pivot when you reach the bias tape.
6. Press the seam allowance of your side seam open.
7. Clip the corners of your bias tape, turn your bias tape to the inside, and press again.
8. Stitch the bias tape in place from the right side of your garment, this time catching the inner edge of the bias tape in the seam. Instead of backstitching, leave the thread tails long at the beginning and end of your stitching. Pull the threads to the inside of the garment and tie them to secure the stitch.
Congratulations on stitching in single-fold bias tape.

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