How to Make a Burlap Tablerunner

Follow along as Myles shows how easy it is to make this charming, burlap tablerunner.


How much fabric and ribbon will you need?


To determine the amount of fabric and ribbon needed for this project you first need to figure out how long and wide you would like your tablerunner. In our case we have a table that was about 5 feet long and we wanted to have a 6 inch overhang on each side. This means we need 60 inches plus another 12 inches which equals a 72 inch finished length. We got 80 inches (2 metres) cut to give us an extra allowance for straightening the fabric.

To determine how much ribbon you will need, take the desired length of your runner times 2 and then add to that the desired width of your runner times 2. So for our project this will be (14 inches times two) plus (72 inches times two) which equals about 172 inches or 4.35 metres. It's always a good idea to add a little bit extra to this measurement to allow for your mitred corners.


Cutting and Sewing Instructions


  1. Straighten your cut edges. Snip into your fabric a few inches. Take a thread from next to where you snipped and gently tug on it, gathering your fabric as you go, until you have removed the thread from the entire width of your piece. This will create a gap between threads. Use this ‘gap' as a guide of where to cut. Repeat this process on the other cut edge.

  2. Next you will want to straighten one of your selvedge (finished) edges. Make a small cut and pull a thread as you did in the last step. Use this as a guide of where to cut. Once you have straightened this edge, measure the width of your desired runner and make another small snip. Use the same thread pull technique to create a cutting line for the width of your runner.

  3. You will want to start sewing your ribbon about 6'' from your bottom corner point. Line up the side cut edge of your tablerunner piece with the one inch mark on your sewing machine. Next, line up your ribbon close to the inside groove of your sewing machine foot (you will want to be able to stitch as close as you can to the edge of your ribbon).

  4. Stitch until you get one inch from the corner and pivot, making sure to leave your needle in your work (catching your ribbon edge). Continue sewing all the way around, repeating the pivot technique at each corner. When you are getting close to where you started sewing on the ribbon, turn the unstitched end under at a 45 degree angle and stitch it down. Pull your threads to the back of your work and tie to secure them. Cut off the excess ribbon.

  5. When you start to sew the inside edge of the ribbon, you will want to start a little bit before your join point. When you get close to the corner, turn under the excess ribbon to mitre to corner. Sew until you reach the inside corner, pivot (making sure to leave your needle in your work) and continue sewing. Once you have sewn all the way around, pull your threads to the back and tie them off.

  6. To fringe your runner, gently remove the burlap yarn ends from the cut edge until just before your ribbon.


Congratulations on completing your tablerunner!

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