How to Make an Infinity Scarf

With only 1.8 metres of fabric, you can make 2 infinity scarves!


Notes on fabric:

These instructions will work with both knit and woven fabrics. When choosing your fabric, keep in mind that you will cut two scarves from each length needed. Also the width of your scarf will be about a quarter of the width of the fabric and some fabrics are 45'' while others are 60''. So a 45'' wide fabric would equal a 22 ½'' cut piece or about 11'' wide finished scarf. A 60'' wide fabric would be cut to 30'' with a finished width of about 15''. If you think the 15'' would be too wide, you could always cut the 60'' wide fabric into three pieces. This would be a cut piece of about 20'' (or 10'' approx. finished width).


  1. Cut off both of the selvedges (finished edges) with scissors or a rotary cutter.

  2. To cut your piece in half lengthwise, fold your fabric in half (widthwise) and in half again (widthwise). If you want to pin your side edges together you can.

  3. Measure the halfway point in your piece and place your ruler on this point, ensuring it is square on the fabric.

  4. Use a rotary cutter to cut your piece in half or mark the line with the marking tool of your choice and cut it with scissors. You will be cutting through 4 layers.

  5. Open up one of your fabric pieces and fold it in half lengthwise with right-sides together. Sew this long seam with a 5/8'' seam allowance leaving a 5'' opening that will be used for turning later. This opening should be closer to one side of your long seam but not at the very end. Press your seam allowance open.

  6. Lay your piece flat with the seam along one side. Cut a small notch opposite from your seam on both ends. Turn your scarf right-side out.

  7. Fold your scarf in half lengthwise matching your two cut ends. For a flat scarf: Match your two seams, right-sides together and your two notches, right-sides together and pin at these two points. Twisted option: Take your top piece and give it one flip so that you can match one of your notches with one of your seams and the other seam with the other notch. Place a pin at both of these points making sure that you have the right sides together.

  8. Reach into the side opening of your scarf and grab where you have just pinned and pull it through this opening. Place more pins in between the two existing pins. Stitch this seam all the way around.

  9. Reach through the side opening and pull the scarf through so that the entire piece is right-sides out. Place your hand in the opening and push the seam allowance (of the seam that you just sewed) so that it is all facing the same direction. Press this seam.

  10. Press your opening so that the seam allowances are lying flat on both sides. Sew your side opening closed. Option 1: Sew the opening closed by hand. Option 2: Stitch it closed on your machine with a straight stitch as close to the edge as possible.

To wear your scarf, place the end seam at the back of your neck, turn your scarf a half twist and pull it over your head again

Congratulations on completing your scarf!

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