Introducing 'Impwear' Laminated Cottons

Food-Safe Laminated Cotton Prints
The fabric you have been waiting for!
With the ever-growing desire to be environmentally friendly, many of our customers have been requesting food-safe fabric to create reusable lunch bags.  We are very pleased to be able to offer a selection of prints from Impwear Home.  Impwear Home is a Seattle-based company that specializes in creating ready-made tablecloths, totes, pouches, bibs, and aprons for both children and adults.  The fabric is 100% cotton laminated with a water-based urethane and is CPSIA certified, and BPA and Phthalate-free making it both food-safe and earth safe.  The fabric is machine washable in warm water.  Hang to dry and iron on low from the back if required.
What to make first?
A tablecloth is a great option for a “no-sew” project.  Try the “Vintage”, “Orcas”, or “Ravenna” for an elegant breakfast or dining table.  “Blueberry” and “Icing” would be perfect to cover a child’s craft table (they also sound like a delicious combination!)  Aprons can simply be wiped down when you spatter marinara sauce on yourself. Take advantage of the food-safe properties and create lunch bags or re-usable zippered or fold-over sandwich or snack bags.  Don’t forget clothing: Bibs, rain hats and raincoats are other great options!  Here are some possible patterns to get the wheels turning…

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