Introducing Moda Cake Mixes

We are excited to introduce Moda Cake Mixes! Here is the video showing how to make Cake Mix # 2
What is a Moda Cake Mix?
A unique triangle paper that can be used to easily make half triangle squares. Each cake mix comes in a pad with 44 sheets- one for each layer in a layer cake bundle, plus a couple extras to practice with.  There are four different cake mixes currently available with Moda working on more to come!
These sheets are super easy to use!
You secure one of the sheets to two 10” squares (placed right sides together), stitch and then cut following the guidelines. Then press your seams to the dark side and then remove the paper from the back of the blocks. Then you can play around with the placement of the blocks to create your own design, use the suggested ones that came with your cake mix or check out this Moda’s blog to get even more ideas: http://blog.modafabrics.com/cakemix/
These cake mixes will make your next quilt a breeze! To see more videos on how to use these cake mixes see Moda's Youtube playlist: http://bit.ly/2wOi0CW

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