Make 2 Pillows for a Phone or Tablet!

Do you ever want to play a game or watch video content on your phone or tablet, but your hands start to cramp up from holding your device?  You may want to consider making yourself a convenient pillow to hold your phone or tablet.  The fabric requirements allow enough fabric to make two pillows, so pick a fun print and follow along!
Here’s what you’ll need:
     3/8yards (approx. 35cm) of 45”/115cm wide cotton fabric (this is enough for 2 pillows!)
     1 spool matching thread
     Rice (we used broken rice because it is finer)
     Loose fibre fill
     1 piece of ledger paper (this is your pattern!)
     Sewing machine with straight stitch
     Iron and ironing Board
     Rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat OR scissors and ruler
     Fabric marker (we used tailor’s chalk)
     Hand-sewing Needle
Cut two pieces of fabric 11” x 17”.  This will make 2 pillows.
Fold the fabric in half by bringing the short ends together (1st image above).  Using a ½” seam allowance stitch the seam, leaving a 3” gap halfway down the seam.  This gap (hole) will be used to turn our pillow right-side-out.
Lay the pillow flat and make a small clip into the fabric opposite the seam.  Do this at both ends of the pillow.
Press the seam open.  Line up the seam with the notch that you made in the previous step.  Make two more notches on the left and right folded edges.  Repeat this at the opposite end.
Starting from one notch, stitch across one end of the pillow (the end closer to the 3" gap in the first seam).  Leave a 2” gap about 2/3 of the way down.  This gap (hole) will be used to fill the lip of the pillow with rice.  Clip the corners.
Open out the pillow so you can press open the seam that you just stitched.
Now we will stitch the other end of the pillow.  Lay the pillow flat.  Fold the seam in toward the centre, lining up the seam with the notches.  Pin this in place (2nd image above).  Stitch across the end of the pillow.  Clip the corners.
Turn the pillow right-side-out through the 3” gap in the first seam that you stitched.  Make sure the corners are fully turned.
Now it’s time for create the lip at the front of the pillow.  Press the front of the pillow flat (1st image above).  Draw a line 1.5” away from front edge of pillow using a fabric marker (2nd image).  Draw another line ½” over from the first line (i.e. 2” away from front edge of pillow) (3rd image).  Stitch over the lines that you have just drawn, pivoting at the corners (4th, 5th and 6th images).  Back-stitch at the beginning and end of your stitching (7th image).
Create a funnel using your piece of ledger paper.  Insert the funnel into the hole in the front of the pillow and add rice until the lip of the front of the pillow is filled to your liking.  This may be a bit messy!  Carefully hand-sew the opening closed using a slip stitch.  Make sure to sew securely so the rice doesn’t leak out.
Using the funnel, insert some rice (we used about ½ cup) into the main body of the pillow through the hole on the underside.  This will give some weight to the pillow.  Fill the rest of the main body of the pillow with loose fibrefill until you are happy with it.  Slip-stitch the hole closed.
Congratulate yourself on making a beautiful and functional pillow for your cell phone or tablet.  If you made two, like we did, you’ve got one to enjoy and one to share!

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