Row by Row Appliqué Step-by-Step: Fox

Since all of our row by row patterns have appliques we decided to do some quick posts with step-by-step photos of placement for reference.
Here are the step-by-step photos of our Fox appliqué. The fox has a few pieces that overlap other pieces so we recommend reading through this entire post before starting. 
For tips on tracing and cutting out your applique pieces, see our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0CrWrnbz5k.
This video was done on a more complicated applique but the steps for tracing and cutting out the applique still apply. 
Once your applique pieces are all cut out, you can work on placement of your pieces:
1. The first fabric to place is the neck fabric piece. Fuse into place. 


2. Next place the front body piece. This piece will overlap part of the neck. When you fuse this piece into place you will want to leave the area between the front leg and the white neck piece unfused. 


3.Place the front black leg piece into the area you left unfused in the last step. The top of this piece sits underneath the front body piece slightly. . Fuse into place. 


4. Next place the back hip piece. It will overlap part of the front body piece. When you fuse this piece in place make sure to leave the bottom and the back of this piece unfused so you can place the back leg and tail. 


5. Place the back leg and tail into place behind the hip piece. Fuse these two pieces and the remainder of the hip piece into place. 


6. Place the other two black leg pieces and fuse into place.


7. To finish the tail, place the black piece, overlapping the orange part of the tail as shown in the pattern. Fuse into place. Next place the cream piece of the tail, overlapping the black piece as shown in the pattern and fuse into place. 

8. The last step is to place the small inner ear piece and to fuse it into place. 

Happy Sewing!

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