Row by Row Appliqué Step-by-Step: Otters

Since all of our row by row patterns have appliques we decided to do some quick posts with step-by-step photos of placement for reference. Here are the step-by-step photos of our Otter appliqué. 
For tips on tracing and cutting out your applique pieces, see our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0CrWrnbz5k.
This video was done on a more complicated applique but the steps for tracing and cutting out the applique still apply. 
Once your applique pieces are all cut out, you can work on placement of your pieces:
1.The first piece you will want to place is the main body piece. This majority of this piece covers the arrow with part of the head and tail overtop of the section to the right of the arrow (when the arrow is pointing upwards). Fuse into place. 
2. Next place the belly piece. This piece lines up along the left side of the main body piece. Fuse this piece into place.
3. Next comes the three other paw pieces. The front of the top paw pieces overlaps onto the belly. The bottom paw piece overlaps the body piece at the top. Fuse these pieces into place. 
4. Repeat these same steps for the second otter block. 
In order to secure your applique pieces to your block, it's not a bad idea to stitch around your applique to secure it in place.
Optional step: Sew on whiskers by hand using embroidery floss.
Next week we will have our last Row by Row applique post to show the step-by-step placement for the Fox. 
Happy Sewing!

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