A Maker's Australian Vacation Pt. 2

Today on the blog, Myles shares about an exciting trip to a historical quilt exhibit. 


Back to School Apple Cupcakes

Today is the first day of school for many students in B.C. I thought it would be fun to share a recipe that could be used to celebrate back to school.


Fall Sewing Inspiration

There's been lots of new fabrics coming into the store the last few weeks. 

We thought it would to be nice to show off some of the garments that the staff have been creating with these fabrics. 

The top shown in our title picture (above) is made with McCalls 7441 and a polyester/spandex blend fabric called 'Polaris.' This top has a lovely back drape detail that we love!



A Maker's Australian Vacation

I recently returned from a three week trip to Australia.  The trip brought me to many exciting locales including Sydney Harbour, The Blue Mountains, The Great Ocean Road outside of Melbourne, and Rottnest Island off of the coast of Perth (to visit the lovely Quokkas pictured above) to name a few.  While in Melbourne I found myself with a little time on my own and couldn’t resist visiting a local fabric store and yarn shop.



New Fashion Arrivals!

Working in a fabric store, I am always so excited when we start receiving large shipments of New Arrivals for Fall or Spring!

I realized after I took pictures of all the fabrics I wanted to showcase that there were just too many so here are just some of the new exciting arrivals we have in-store!


Cutting Open a Buttonhole

Ever try to cut open a buttonhole with a small pair of scissors or even a stitch ripper? While this works for some people, a buttonhole opener is the best tool for the job.  Here are the steps to cutting open buttonholes with this tool.



3 Easy Sewing Projects for Kids

Here at the store we get many customers in who have a child or grandchild who wants to learn how to sew but aren’t sure where to begin. Here are 3 easy kids sewing projects that are perfect for the keen beginner!

Pocket Full of Love Pillow



Staff Spotlight: Andrea Brown

(to view the different photos, simply click on the white dots at the bottom centre of the photo)

There’s lots of talented staff here at Fabricana so we thought it would be nice to showcase a staff member from time to time. Introducing Andrea Brown. Andrea will be entering her second year of Capilano University’s Costuming for Stage & Screen Program this September. She has taken what started as a hobby and plans to turn it into a career.

1. What is your earliest sewing memory?


How to Sew on a Button



  • Threaded Needle
  • Straight Pin
  • Button
  • Marking Tool



How to Read a Yarn Label

Just like reading the back of a pattern, reading the label on a ball of yarn can be a bit daunting. There’s a lot of information there! But reading a ball of yarn doesn't have to be confusing.

The photo above shows two examples of yarn labels. Let’s break it down bit by bit:


5 Types of Tools for Home Decor Projects

No matter what type of sewing you are doing, there are always some handy tools to have around. Quilters like to use basting pins or sprays, clothing sewists who specialize in evening wear like to have pins that work well with fine fabrics, but what about if you plan to sew home décor projects? Here are our suggestions for the five types of tools you should have ready in your sewing room before your next home décor project!


1) Cutting Tools: