The A B C’s of Quilting

Most of the terms used in quilting don’t come up in everyday conversation (unless you work in a quilt shop!)  Here is a lexicon of some of the basic that you will need to know as you learn to quilt:


Pantone 2016 colour(s) of the year

What the world needs now

There has been much talk in popular media about this bold move, but the consensus seems to be that the combination of these colours is meant to imbue our environment with a sense of compassion and tranquility.  The trend is a response to overwhelming global conflicts and the increasing pace of daily life.


How to Create a Multi-layer Applique Block

We have provided this tutorial to show how a layered applique goes together. We are demonstrating this technique with the “New Brunswick” block from the Cantik Batik Mystery Block Program. For more information about the Mystery Block program, see the bottom of the description or contact us [email protected].

We suggest reading through all pattern instructions before completing this project.

Extra Supplies Needed: