5 Easy Steps to Perfect Pleats

Here are two words to help you create perfect pleats:  freezer paper.  Follow these five easy steps to use regular freezer paper from the grocery store to create beautiful little pleats.
Step 1:
Cut a length of fabric the width of your freezer paper.
Step 2:

DIY: Mother's Day Flower Ribbon

Mother’s day is fast approaching! We’re all busy people, and despite our best intentions sometimes it can be hard to find a gift for mom. I know my mom is always happy to receive flowers and doesn’t expect anything else! But why not make a bouquet sometimes special, AND Eco Friendly
Well, here is a 15 minute craft that uses your scrap fabric and makes that bouquet a little bit more special. 

Ripple Fold Drapes: A Journey

When we renovated our kitchen two summers ago, we decided to add drapes to a feature window that previously had only had horizontal blinds.  Our kitchen design was very modern, so we didn’t want anything too fussy for the drapes.  I had seen the displays for Ripple Fold drapes in our Fabricana Home stores and had always admired their simplicity and functionality.  I installed the track and created the panels and voila!  The calculations had to be precise, but the installation was simple and the results were beautiful!

Exposed Zipper Tutorial

Once you have all of your skirt pieces cut out, you will also wanted to cut out your pieces of fusible interfacing. These pieces should be 1” wide and the length of your zipper (refer to the video for a tip about this).
Fuse your interfacing strips to the right-side of your fabric where your zipper will be inserted. 

DIY: Silk Egg Dye

DIY Silk Egg Dye with Blown Out Eggs
Here is another fun Easter project to do just in time for Easter Egg Hunting! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, this is a beautiful and easy project to do with friends and family. I also found that this is much less expensive than buying ties for their silk at thrift stores or department stores. With silk ends, cut offs, scraps or small cuts it allows for a beautiful look and an inexpensive craft. With new silks this project will cost between $3-$5 ! 

DIY: Easter Bunny Basket

Ready for Easter? Whether you are or not here is a wonderful fun project to do for yourself, or with your young one to have a blast Easter Egg Hunting this year!
This project takes about an hour to do, and is a relatively easy method. The best part? No Pattern Needed!!! You can do this project with scrap fabric or new fabric. 
Let’s get hopping!
Tools & Materials: 

A Refreshing Palette: Robert Allen @HOME Spring 2019

Spring is officially here and with it comes a new, refreshing palette from Robert Allen @HOME.  The names of the fabrics evoke a northern European aesthetic blended with inspiration from Japanese modernity.  Large scale prints capture our attention while smaller scale prints, jacquards and embroidery add a layer of texture and visual interest.  The collection seems tailor-made for a relaxing master suite or casually elegant dining or living space.

Easy DIY Coasters

Coasters are easy to make and a great way to use scrap fabric, or a lovely fabric you just need to have somewhere in your house. These coasters are machine washable, heat resistant and durable. They’re great gifts or a treat to yourself and only take about 10-15 minutes each to complete. For this project we used the 'Lucky Charms' fabric by Figo Fabrics. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Sewing Machine Needle

It's important to know the proper size as well as type of needle for your project.
Choosing the right sewing machine needle for a sewing project can be a confusing task. There are many different types, and they come in many different sizes. Using high-quality needles will make all the difference in your sewing satisfaction as will choosing the right needle in the right size.

Easy Flannel Handwarmers

These handwarmers are a fun and easy sewing project that make great gifts! There are two options: one with exposed seams and pinked edges or one with all the seams enclosed inside the warmer. The exposed seam option works great if you would like to make your warmer into a shape instead of just square as you will not need to worry about turning any corners or curves.
Tools & Materials: