New Spring Arrivals May 2017

Just wanted to do a quick post about our new Spring arrivals. 

We've got some lovely polyester crepe de chine prints, linen and silk prints. 

Here are just some of these new arrivals:

We love this dress Barbara made with one of our new linen prints. This dress was made with McCall's 7535 and is perfect for our upcoming warm weather!


Make a Bikini Bathing Suit, No Serger Required Pt. 1: The Bottoms

For this video we used Kwik Sew pattern number 3239.

Happy Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be with You!

To celebrate Star Wars Day we've decided to repost our pillowcase tutorial. While some of the prints used in our tutorial are no longer available we have a selection of newer ones available in the store. 


Spring Knitting Inspiration

This happy knitter can't wait for some warm spring weather to debut this casual denim-coloured tee!  In the meantime it can serve as inspiration for other keen makers.  The yarn is the new Modern Cotton DK from Berocco yarns with a beautiful soft hand and subtle sheen and it comes in many beautiful pastels, neutrals and jewel tones, but the pattern is strictly secret (or the knitter failed to write anything down as he was making it!  Sorry!)


Tips for Selecting and Preparing Knit Fabrics

In this video Myles talks about how to identify different types of knit fabrics as well as how to get your knit fabric on-grain (untwisted) before cutting our your project. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming series on making a bikini swimsuit on a regular sewing machine. Part one will be a pair of bikini bottoms.


4 Tips for Creating your Own Knitting Pattern

If you’re like me, you can spend hours scouring through websites such as Ravelry or YouTube.  These resources provide endless inspiration for beautiful stitch patterns and scrumptious yarns in wonderful colours.  You may find yourself wanting to experiment with a new stitch pattern but can’t find a project that you like.  It may be time to create your own pattern!
1. Choose your yarn and stitch pattern

Knitting How-to: Purl Stitch

In this video Myles shows you how to purl by showing the technique of the stocking stitch which is made by alternating rows of knitting and purling.

1. Cast on the required amount of stitches for your project and then knit your first row. 

  For a reminder of how to cast on: http://fabricana.com/blog-item/casting-on


5 Tips for Creating a High Quality Garment

One of the main advantages of sewing a garment from scratch is the ability to customize every aspect of it, including fit and comfort. If a garment feels good, you will feel better wearing it and the effort it took to make it will be worthwhile. Here are five tips for how to create a high quality garment
Choose the Right Fabric

4 Reasons to Wear Wool This Summer

With Summer just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about Summer fashion. Here are four reasons why you should consider incorporating (lightweight) wool pieces into your Summer wardrobe.
  1. Wool is a great thermal insulator. While wool will help you stay warm in the cooler months it also helps keep the heat out in the summertime. 

Spring Trend Alert: The Cold Shoulder

Getting the cold shoulder can be a good thing!
It’s rare to find a trend from the red carpet that can so easily be adapted for everyday dressing.  Most of us would find it difficult to move through life in long trains, plunging necklines and opulent beading.  The “cold shoulder”, the popular name for the current shoulder-baring trend, is one trend that works for the red carpet AND everyday dressing.  It’s also available at your local fabric store!

Interfacing 101: Fusible vs. Sew-In The Epic Battle!

At the fabric store, when someone asks for interfacing, the usual first question is, “Fusible or sew-in?”  To help answer this question for yourself, keep reading.
To wash or not to wash?