Happy Holidays from Fabricana!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Fabricana and Fabricana Home! The blog will be quiet now until January as we celebrate the holidays and prepare for our Boxing Week Sale!



5 Ways to Incorporate Faux Fur Into Your Wardrobe

Fabricana has so many beautiful, luxurious faux fur fabrics, but you may not know what to make with them.  Here are our top five picks!  


#1 Faux Fur Jacket


New Quilting Arrivals!

We've got some exciting new fabrics in the quilt department that we thought we should share. 

We've had lots of customers asking and we finally have Fireside fabric! This cozy polyester fabric is great for quilt backings as it is soft and cozy but doesn't stretch like minkee does!



4 Tips for Machine Piecing

''Quilting is easy!'' exclaimed someone who had never quilted before. Although quilting may look simple from the outset, accurate piecing requires patience and skill. It also helps to start with the right equipment and a few helpful tips. Keep reading for advice on both…
Make sure you have the right equipment.

5 Accessories to Make Knitting More Fun!

While yarn and a couple of needles are all you need to get started, there are lots of knitting accessories that will provide additional help and convenience. Maybe you’ve seen some of these in our knitting department, but weren’t really sure what they were or how to use them. Here’s a little info about each one, so you can add them to your ‘must have’ list!

Knitting How-to: Casting Off

Casting off is a very important knitting skill to have. In this video Myles shows you one of his favorite ways to cast off that will give you a very pretty finished product.


Fabric 101: Lining Comparison Part One- Fibre Types

Lining is often an afterthought. After spending time choosing the perfect fabric some people rush through choosing the lining. The fact is that the lining that you choose will change how the garment performs. The following information will help you choose the optimal fibre type for your garment’s best performance.

100% Silk


4 Easy Knitting Projects

If you’re new to knitting, you may find the idea of making a sweater a little overwhelming and it certainly can be.  Why not perfect your new skills on smaller, quicker, easier projects?  Finishing a project will give you a great feeling of satisfaction and will help increase your confidence to move on to more time consuming or complicated projects.  Many of these can be made in a single evening. 


3 Easy to Sew Christmas Gift Ideas

Even though Christmas is over a month away, it won’t be long before it is here! This year I have made it a goal to try and make gifts for everyone on my list. I thought I would share a few of the easy-to-sew projects that I plan to make to inspire you with your Christmas project sewing!


Cuffed Pillowcases


How to Sew a Grommet Curtain Panel

We made this video about 3 years ago but it has been very popular on YouTube so we thought we would share it again! 
(Apologies for the poor sound quality, we made this video when we were just getting started!)
Not only is a grommet curtain panel simple and stylish, it's also easy to make. Here are the steps you need to follow:
Cutting Instructions: