Lightweight Wovens

Lightweight woven fabrics are great for garments such as tops, flowing dresses, lightweight pants or even as a lining alternative when more drape is needed than a typical lining offers.

Lightweight polyesters such as Chloe Georgette, Whistle CDC (crepe de chine), and Mirella Crepe offer drape while being wrinkle resistant.  Natural fibres such as cotton voile and silk/cotton voile offer breathability and drape but tend to wrinkle more easily. Lightweight rayons such as rayon challis and rayon Cantik Batiks offer the best of both worlds. They offer drape and breathability while wrinkling less than a silk or cotton.

Stretch Lace & Mesh

Stretch lace and stretch mesh are used for overlays, tops, insets, sleeves and more! Stretch mesh offers a consistent look while stretch lace has a repeating pattern that adds more visual interest. Stretch meshes come in different weights from soft and flowing, to more stiff and stable. The stiff stretch meshes are great for shapewear insets as they help hold ‘everything’ in. Stretch lace and stretch mesh also work great for dance costumes, skating costumes and swimwear.

Bottomweight Fabrics

Bottomweight fabrics offer durability and are great for items such as bags, pants, shirts, jackets and more! The weave of a twill fabric creates a subtle diagonal line pattern and allows the fabric to be fairly wrinkle resistant. There are many natural fibre options for twills including Cotton Twill, Milestone Twill, Bamboo Twill and Tencel Twill. Other popular twills include Summer Twill, which is a polyester /cotton blend and Docksider Twill, which offers a small percentage of spandex for comfort.

Denim also has a twill weave, however, it tends to be even stronger than a regular twill fabric. There are a variety of different weights of denim available. 5 oz Denim works great for a nice, lightweight button-up shirt. For pants, bags and heavier duty projects 10 oz Denim and Allegro Denim are great options! If you would like the durability of a denim, with a little more give, look for a denim that has a bit of spandex, such as our Pacific Denim.

Other great bottomweight options include Menorca, Cotton Sateen and Tropical Suiting. Menorca is a plain coloured, cotton/spandex blend fabric that has a slight matte sheen to it.  Stretch Cotton Sateen comes in both prints and plain colours and is also composed of a cotton/spandex blend. Tropical Suiting is a fabric that is 100% polyester and offers a bit of drape and tends to be wrinkle free.

Lightweight Knits

Lightweight knits have quite a bit of drape to them. They work well for flowing styles of tops, dresses, pants and skirts. Polyester knits such as the Brazil Knit and Ity Prints are great for travel-wear as these knits won’t wrinkle. Rayon knits offer a breathable alternative to polyester but do tend to wrinkle a bit. Bamboo viscose knits are popular due to their breathable, mold-resistant and anti-microbial properties. Bamboo viscose also tends to be hypoallergenic and have thermal regulating properties. Just like rayon though, bamboo knits do wrinkle a bit.  Also, viscose is more delicate when wet, so it may require special care when washing.

Faux Suede & Pleather

Faux Suede and pleather come in a variety of weights, colours and textures. Fabricana regularly stocks a variety of types including Soho Suede, Sierra Leather, Patina Leather, Perfecto Leather and Sierra Cutout. There are also a variety of types of faux suedes and leathers that change seasonally available in-store.

Linen & Hemp

Linen is an eco-friendly fibre that comes from the flax plant. Linen is cool and absorbent while also being durable and strong. It is the strongest of all natural fibres. Lightweight linen and linen blends such as Napoli Linen and Portofino Linen can be used for shirts or lightweight pants. Heavier linens such as Sante Fe (a cotton/linen blend) and New Scarlet work well for heavier projects such as pants, jackets, bags etc.

Hemp is an extremely durable fabric that is insulating, absorbent, and improves in softness over time with washing and wearing. It is UV resistant, highly breathable, fast-drying, hypoallergenic and non-irritating to skin. Hemp is also grown without herbicides or pesticides and leaves the soil in excellent condition for any succeeding crops. Hemp Twill and Hemp Canvas work great for projects such as aprons, pants, bags, home décor projects and more!

Double Knits

Double knits hold their shape better than jersey knits. They work great for fitted garments as well as ones that require more body such as peplum styles and circle skirts. Polyester double knits such as the Marni Knit and printed double knits are great for these types of garments. Rayon/polyester blend double knits such as 320 Ponte and Ponte de Roma offer the same structure while allowing more breathability.

Wool & Wool Blend Suitings

Wool suiting fabrics offer breathability and warmth while also being wrinkle resistant. They are often used for suits, jackets, skirts and pants. Any suiting that is predominantly wool should be dry-cleaned to avoid the fabric from “felting.” Some wool suitings are blended with polyester to offer a similar look and feel to wool suiting, while making them washable. Fabricana carries a variety of wool suitings including Tropical Wool Suiting, Wool Gabardine, Wool Flannel, Super 120s and so much more! If you are looking for washable wool blends try Alta Moda or Torino Suiting.